Dariany Santana and the 'Too Hot To Handle' Season 3 cast

Too Hot To Handle Season 3 Has a New Host — Sort Of

Here's what to know about her.


Everyone’s favorite sentient cone is up to her wily ways once again with the release of Too Hot To Handle Season 3. The show has always been careful to hide its true premise from the contestants at first, leading them to believe they were on a fictional show all about hooking up before Lana revealed the real show’s rules. But there’s one element of Too Hot To Handle Season 3’s fake show that was actually real — and that’s the host, Dariany Santana, who is no stranger to TV screens.

Too Hot To Handle had become wildly popular since it hit Netflix in early 2020 — which is great, except this fame means it’s a lot harder to trick horny singles into joining the show. That’s why producers put together a fake show as a way to attract its cast. In Season 2, it was called Parties in Paradise; Season 3 switched it up to be Pleasure Island. Everything about the show — from its name to its ridiculous “booty drop” segments — was made up to appeal to the contestant’s, ahem, hedonistic tendencies. But Santana, who was introduced as the fake show’s host, is very much the real deal.

Santana only had two scenes in Too Hot To Handle Season 3 — she disappeared after the contestants found out the truth about the show at the end of Episode 1 — but she gets plenty of screen time elsewhere. According to her Instagram bio, Santana “host[s] a bunch of TV shows,” including Struggle Gourmet on FUSE and Wags to Riches on Million Stories. She’s also funny AF on social media, sharing relatable IG Reels that show off her acting talents. Clearly, the woman has the chops to pull off this hosting gig... if only it were real.

While Too Hot To Handle fans may be sad they don’t get to see more of Santana, at least there’s still the show’s hilarious narrator, Desiree Burch, whose sassy quips are the true star of every season. And of course there’s Lana, who’s always around to catch any rule breakers — although the cast would probably trade her for Santana without a second thought.

Too Hot To Handle Season 3 is on Netflix now.