Sydney Sweeney in 'The White Lotus' Season 1, Episode 6 finale promo

The Finale Promo For The White Lotus Teases That Mysterious Death

It's all coming together, finally.


With only one episode of The White Lotus left, fans are still in the dark about who is going to die. That will change soon, though, because the big finale is just around the corner, and the White Lotus Season 1, Episode 6 finale promo teaser promises to finally resolve the show’s central mystery. The minute-long clip previews all the drama that will erupt at long last before everyone checks out of the White Lotus resort.

The White Lotus has been teasing a major death since its very first scene, and although everyone has theories about who will die, it’s still not clear who will end up in a bodybag. One thing viewers *do* know is that Shane will (unfortunately) survive the trip, since he’s the one who tells an inquisitive couple at the airport someone was killed on his vacation. The opening scene seems to imply Rachel could be the one who dies, but as the episodes have gone on, there have been more and more hints that another vacationer could meet their untimely end. The mystery will finally be solved in the season finale, and the first look at the climactic episode could offer up some major clues.

Spoiler alert: Don’t read on if you haven’t seen The White Lotus Season 1, Episode 5. The teaser trailer for Episode 6 includes a ton of telling shots, kicking off with the necklace Kai gave to Paula sinking into the ocean. Given Paula’s visible distress throughout the teaser, it seems very clear that Kai will get caught for stealing Nicole’s bracelets, forcing Paula to face her role in the misguided crime. The clip also shows Tanya realizing she’s getting back into an old pattern she calls “not healthy,” Nicole and Mark reconnecting in bed, Shane blowing up at Rachel for “ruining everything,” and Armond going into full-tilt party mode while loudly declaring “f*ck this place.” Oh, and it looks like Quinn, having fully embraced the Hawaiian lifestyle, is going to fight to make his vacation permanent rather than leave with his family.

As has been custom for The White Lotus, the teaser trailer makes a suspicious case for pretty much all off the characters possibly being the one who dies. Tanya’s hookup Greg has displayed a worrying coughing fit before, which is highlighted in this teaser, suggesting he may be close to death. Olivia and Paula’s BFF energy has turned into a full frenemy vibe at this point, which has the potential to become physical when the truth about Kai comes out. Armond’s chaotic drug and alcohol use looks like it will hit rock bottom in the finale, so that clearly spells danger. And of course, Shane and Rachel’s animosity toward one another may finally blow up and could easily turn violent.

The season finale of The White Lotus will air Sunday, Aug. 15, on HBO and HBO Max.