Where Was Melisandre In The 'GOT' Premiere? Here's What We Know

by Ani Bundel

With only 13 more episodes to go, Game of Thrones has not been big on losing track of characters the way it once did.

Last week, they quickly threw a tracker on one character who had up and wandered off: Jorah the Explorah. He conveniently wound up in the Citadel with Sam. But that still leaves another character who wandered off last season to be accounted for: Melisandre.

Where has Melisandre been in Westeros? Could she be heading to any of those places again? Let's consider the options.

Here's a quick recap of everything Melisandre's been up to since we first met her in Season 2.

Season 2: Introduction at Dragonstone

When we first meet Melisandre, she's on the beaches of Dragonstone, burning wooden figures of the Seven Gods. She says spooky things like "The Night Is Dark and Full of Terrors." Stannis Baratheon (who we also meet) is clearly obsessed with her and her god R'hllor.

Season 2: Shadowbaby

I don't know about you, but I always picture her singing "Shadow baby, hurry down the tent wall tonight."

For the record, Stannis assumed once she killed Renly the forthcoming battle was his. As we know, the Battle of Blackwater Bay didn't really turn out that way. Sorry, dude. Melisandre told him to buck up.

Season 3: Rounding Up Bastards In The Riverlands

In Season 3, we saw Melisandre head into the Riverlands. Her purpose was to pick up Baratheon Bastard Gendry for his King's Blood.

But the only thing we cared about was her meeting with Arya. They'll meet again? Really? I can't *wait.* Arya is in the Riverlands too! Could that be where Melisandre turns up?

Season 3: To The North


After seasons of hanging around Dragonstone, Stannis finally took everyone North, to the Wall, since that's where the real battle is.

Sulking around Dragonstone is kinda boring anyway. (We should tell Dany we advise against it. Go out dragon riding or something. Live a little.)

Season 4: Jon Snow

Now at Castle Black, Melisandre found herself bizarrely attracted to Jon Snow. According to the books, the obsession even affected her fire visions. "I pray for a glimpse of Azor Ahai, and R' hllor shows me only Snow." (A Dance with Dragons, page 447.)

Season 5: Stuck in the Snows

Melisandre left Castle Black to follow Stannis to conquer Winterfell, but they got stuck in the snow. Her advice? Burn the child they had with them to make the snows melt. Technically it worked. They burnt Shireen, and the snow melted. But over half Stannis' followers abandoned him for a kinslayer, and Seylse hung herself from grief.

Season 5: Back to Castle Black

Realizing she had made a *huge* mistake, Melisandre stood by her man and took her lumps. Just kidding. She rode hell for leather back to Castle Black before Ramsay's army even attacked Stannis' remaining few men.

This is where we learned Melisandre's motto: If at first your Prince That Was Promised doesn't succeed, go find a new one.

Season 6: Resurrecting Snow


Oh look, a candidate!

OK, that's not fair. Melisandre was really shaken by having been wrong about Stannis. So much so Davos had to cheerlead her into raising Jon Snow from the dead. (Also, we got to see her without her magic on, and she's like, 400 years old.) When that worked, Melisandre decided she had a new man to follow around and offer to burn small children for.

Season 6: Dismissed


Jon Snow: Not into children-burning, really. When he found out about Shireen, he dismissed Melisandre and told her never to return. Davos said if he ever saw her again, he would kill her. The last we saw, Melisandre was riding south.

But where? Clearly not back to Castle Black. Let us consider:

  • There's "teaming up with Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr." They are headed North, she is headed South. they could totally run into each other.
  • "Running into Arya again" we mentioned above. We all really want to see that.
  • "Going home to Essos" is probably not a thing, since everyone at this point is on Westeros.
  • With Gendry's return all but confirmed this season, she could even be heading to King's Landing to get herself a pint of King's Blood.
  • But the trailer gave us an idea of where she might turn up:

Back where she started. Dragonstone. If at first your Prince That Was Promised doesn't succeed....