'Riverdale' Season 6 is expected to be available on Netflix once it finishes airing in 2022.

Here's When You Can Expect Riverdale Season 6 To Hit Netflix

For those waiting to stream it all at once.

by Dylan Kickham
The CW

If you haven’t been watching Season 6 of Riverdale on The CW, get ready for a heaping helping of weirdness when the whole season arrives on Netflix later this year. The teen drama’s sixth season is without a doubt its strangest yet, which is saying something for a show that’s featured organ-harvesting cults, hallucinogenic bear attacks, and monsters plucked right out of tabletop games. If you’re waiting for the new season to hit streaming so you can inhale all the ridiculousness in one marathon, here’s when Riverdale Season 6 will likely pop up on Netflix.

Since Season 6 is currently in the middle of airing on The CW throughout the beginning of 2022, Netflix has not yet revealed an official date when it will add the most recent run of episodes, but it’s not too difficult to predict a timetable. Netflix has consistently added past seasons of Riverdale about one week after The CW aired the season finale, and there’s no indication the streamer is planning to change pattern that anytime soon. The only issue is Riverdale hasn’t set a date for its Season 6 finale yet, nor has it confirmed an episode count for this season. However, if the show doesn’t take any breaks in its weekly airing and we assume Season 6 will replicate Season 4 and 5’s 19-episode count, then the Season 6 finale would air on Sunday, June 19. If that’s the case, then the season will drop on Netflix in late June 2022.

The CW

So mark your calendars if you’re a Netflix purist, because Season 6 is one that avid Riverdale fans will not want to miss. The current season goes all-in on the supernatural, something Riverdale has only tip-toed around in the past. It kicks off with a five-episode event set in the parallel universe Rivervale, where magic, ghosts, and monsters are all very real.

But the magic doesn’t stop once the show leaves Rivervale. Shortly after the event, the main characters begin to develop superpowers, and the Blossom family’s witchy history starts to cast a wild a spell.

Get ready for a total trip when Riverdale Season 6 arrives on Netflix, probably around late June or sometime in July of 2022.