Christine Quinn, Heather Rae Young, and Davina Portratz drinking wine on Netflix's 'Selling Sunset'

What Is The Oppenheim Wine On Selling Sunset And Why Is It So Bad?

We need answers.


While friendships, alliances, and million-dollar real estate listings are always changing on Netflix’s Selling Sunset, one thing stays constant on the series: wine. Second maybe only to the drama, wine is basically the star of the show, and there’s one particular label discerning fans are eager to learn more about. The Oppenheim Wine— Selling Sunset’s resident vino — has a lot of people (including the cast members) talking... and uh, it’s not all good things. In fact, it’s mostly not good things. Here’s what you need to know about the ~exclusive~ collection from the Oppenheim Group’s owner, Jason Oppenheim.

The wine itself has actually been around for much longer than the Netflix series (which premiered in March 2019). Jason started the label, which used to simply be called “O,” back in 2017 to get his company’s name out there to potential clients. “The majority of my listings have cellars or wine rooms, so I thought, why not make a few thousand bottles for my own company?” Jason told The Hollywood Reporter in 2018. “The buyer likes getting a cellar full of wine. We love it because it markets our brokerage and later even buyers’ friends see it. It’s a win-win for everybody.”

But is it really, Jason?


While the concept sounds pretty solid, it seems like the actual wine inside the pretty bottles isn’t as great. The wine has frequently shown up on camera throughout the series, but it’s usually served alongside a heaping portion of shade. For example, during Season 4, Chrishell Stause said on camera that “the red [wine] is not as bad as the white [wine],” before admitting she was “just being nice” and that they’re both “terrible.”

The quality (or lack thereof) of the Oppenheim wine has even become a popular topic off-camera. In an August 2020 ET interview with the cast, Maya Vander said the wine was “sh*tty” while Christine Quinn called it “crap” and “gross.” Mary added: "Jason and Brett didn't taste it before they ordered." One of the only cast members who seems to actually tolerate the wine is Amanza Smith. Amanza told ET the wine “doesn’t bother her at all” and added that Jason should just send all of it to her house.


However, before you try to get your hands on some bottles after Amanza’s semi-decent review, the wine isn’t for sale... for now, at least. The only way to get it is to close on one of the Oppenheim Group’s listings (or perhaps score an invite to one of their parties). But who knows? Perhaps if Selling Sunset continues to be a hit, Jason’s vino might become a reality show viewing party staple.