What The Hell Is Going On In Scott Disick's Latest Instagram Post?

It's no secret Scott Disick is known for his wacky antics on Instagram.

Remember the time he accidentally copied the instructions to a promotional Instagram post for a nutritional supplement? This might be just as hilarious (and fucking weird) as that.

Scott took to Instagram just a day after referring to Khloé Kardashian as a "little cream puff" to post a photo of the 32-year-old starlet with little bro Rob Kardashian. The post has people talking for a number of reasons, but perhaps the funniest is Scott's special tag for Khloé: @KhloeKardASShian.


Seems to me like Lord Disick doesn't hold back when acknowledging his "baby mama's" sister's derriere. But what I'm more concerned about, aside from Scott's witty Instagram antics, is exactly what the hell is going on in the photo itself...?

WHY is Rob Kardashian hanging onto the inside of a Rolls-Royce for dear life while Khloé climbs across his lap and pretty much "looks back at it." The world (and confused Instagram commenters) may never know. But what we do know is that, judging by Disick's caption, this is what true (weird) love looks like.

Khloé turned 32 on June 27 and celebrated at Dave & Buster's where Kim and Blac Chyna were seen bonding over a game of air hockey. No word on what Chyna thinks about Scott's "relationship goals" though!