Tyler Stanaland, Alex Hall, Lauren Brito, and Sean Palmieri on 'Selling The OC'

We Need To Talk About Kayla And Tyler's Shady Selling The OC Drama

Apparently this "wasn't the first time" there was an issue.


The real estate agents of The Oppenheim Group get pretty close on Selling The OC. After all, this is the group of coworkers who got into a snuggle pile on the beach in the middle of a work party. But there are some instances where that closeness goes a little too far, even for this close-knit bunch. If Selling The OC had you confused about what *actually* went down between Kayla Cardona and Tyler Stanaland, you’re not alone.

According to multiple accounts on the show, during one of the OC office’s nights out, Kayla came on a little too strong with Tyler. More specifically, Kayla apparently tried to kiss Tyler — who’s married to actor Brittany Snow — and told him, “No one has to know.”

None of this was shown on camera, but a few of the agents recounted the drama the next day in Season 1, Episode 5. Polly Brindle began rehashing it all by announcing, “I’m so f*cking offended by Kayla’s behavior last night.”

Polly explained that, “after a few drinks, she, you know, tries to make out with the married men in the office.” Polly also insinuated this wasn’t the first time something like this may have went down, since she said, “It’s happened in front of me twice.”

Polly claimed she was especially triggered watching Kayla become “the other woman,” as she put it, because Polly’s own marriage ended due to her then-husband’s infidelity. “Every single time we go out, it’s a reminder of, ‘This is not okay,’” Polly said.“It knocks me sick to be honest.”

Polly decided to confront Kayla about the situation in the vault at the office, and things did not go smoothly for Kayla. She started crying, and then when she returned to the rest of the office, the rest of the group also chastised her.


Tyler himself said of the situation, “She does cross a certain line and then out of the respect that I have for my wife and myself, it’s not something I need to be around and I’m gonna separate myself from it.”

Eventually, Kayla sat down with Tyler and apologized to him face to face. He told her he needed to know there would be boundaries between them moving forward, and Kayla agreed. He also apologized for contributing to a culture of very touchy-feely work events, although it doesn’t seem like that kind of atmosphere is changing any time soon. Throughout the rest of the season, The O Group had a few more events where the agents couldn’t keep their hands off each other, including the yacht party at the end of Season 1. That’s when Alexandra Jarvis and Alexandra Rose decided to confront the entire group about their behavior, even pushing Kayla to cry yet again because this drama was getting rehashed again.

So, even though Kayla and Tyler seemed to sort out their specific situation, it looks like the drama will continue to be a point of discussion for the whole office.

Season 1 of Selling The OC is streaming on Netflix now.