Angus Cloud revealed what he thought the letter Fez wrote to Lexi in 'Euphoria' said.

Euphoria's Angus Cloud Revealed What He Thinks Fez's Letter To Lexi Said

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The second season of Euphoria was filled with toxic couples, but one pairing stood out from the rest as the sweetest new relationship on television. During Season 1, nobody could have predicted Fez and Lexi would make a perfect match, but after the kind-hearted dealer hit it off with the introspective wallflower at the New Year’s Eve party in Season 2’s premiere, everybody was shipping Fexi. But sadly, their budding romance got clipped in the season finale, when an ill-timed police raid prevented Fez from attending Lexi’s play, where he was preparing to give her flowers and a note. Fans never found out what Fez’s letter to Lexi on Euphoria actually said, but Angus Cloud revealed the gist of it in a recent interview.

Warning: Spoilers for Euphoria’s Season 2 finale follow. Fexi shippers waited all season for their fave couple to finally make things official, but even after those long phone calls, movie nights, and sweet singalongs, Fez and Lexi ended the season apart. That could have been different if Fez actually made it to Lexi’s play, though. The normally casual dresser put on a suit, bought a bouquet of roses for Lexi, and even wrote a note to her. It had all the makings of a perfect “I love you” scene, until a SWAT team burst into Fez’s apartment right before he could head out.

The feds were onto Fez and Ash over the murders of Mouse and Custer, and the heartbreaking shootout ended with Fez’s letter to Lexi on the hallway floor, trampled by the cops as they left the building.


After many fans were left wondering what the letter actually said, Cloud broke down what he believed Fez had written in a Feb. 28 interview with Variety. “It was just, like, a congratulations,” Cloud said. “I think they both know there’s a vibe going on. Definitely taking it to the next level with them flowers and whatnot. So I think the letter was just being like, ‘Yo, good job for f*cking doing you.’”

The note would have taken Fexi “to the next level,” as Cloud put it, but sadly, now it looks like they’ll have a massive obstacle in their way. It seems pretty clear Fez will be in jail in Season 3, which would certainly get in the way of any more movie dates with Lexi. Fans will just have to hope Lexi will continue to stand by him while he does his time, and maybe by some miracle, she’ll be able to find that letter.