The Weeknd released a new "Can't Feel My Face" video with Harry Styles' ex Camille Rowe.

The Weeknd Dropped A New "Can't Feel My Face" Video That Stars Harry Styles' Ex

It gives the hit song a whole new meaning.

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And just like that, it’s 2015 all over again. The Weeknd took a walk down memory lane on Sept. 2 when he surprised fans with an alternate music video for his 2015 smash, “Can’t Feel My Face.” Upon the song’s initial release, The Weeknd put out a music video that showed him singing and dancing on-stage at dimly-lit hotel lounge before bursting into flames. This time around, the visual is much more NSFW. The Weeknd's alternate video for "Can't Feel My Face" stars model Camille Rowe and it’s steamy AF.

It appears The Weeknd has been sitting on the alternate version of “Can’t Feel My Face” for quite some time. The singer filmed the visual all the way back in 2015, when the original song and video were released to the public, suggesting he chose to release the other video at the time rather than this one.

The arrival of the alternative version shocked fans seeing as it came without any warning, but it was the best surprise for The Weeknd’s devoted fans. Within hours of its quiet release the visual had sparked major fan fervor and racked up nearly one million views in its first few hours. Rowe, who has appeared on the cover of Playboy and is also well-known for having dated Harry Styles, co-starred in the video as The Weeknd’s love interest. Together, the duo raised havoc at a night club and fell into a drug-induced night of chaos.

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You can see The Weeknd’s alternative video for “Can’t Feel My Face” below.

In case you need a refresher, here’s the original version from 2015.

Why is the video finally seeing the light of day now? The Weeknd hasn’t said much about the re-release, but according to Variety, his rep did shed some light on the situation. The outlet reported the newly released video is the original, and was replaced by another video in 2015 “due to a shift in creative direction.”

It’s also worth noting this past week was the sixth anniversary of Beauty Behind the Madness, which the song appeared on. So, The Weeknd probably wanted to gift fans something special to mark the occasion. Needless to say, fans are feeling very blessed by The Weeknd’s spontaneous video release.