Grace Park as Katherine in 'A Million Little Things'

Katherine Is Loving Her Singlehood In This A Million Little Things Promo

I don’t know if I should be happy or sad.

ABC/Jack Rowand

From the very first episode of A Million Little Things, fans have witnessed the tumultuousness that is Eddie (David Giuntoli) and Katherine’s (Grace Park) relationship. Between an affair, a drug addiction, and a car crash (to name just a few obstacles), the couple has been through the wringer. While they briefly resolved their issues — and even renewed their vows — in Season 3, it didn’t take long before Katherine opted for a divorce. But even though breakups can be rough, Katherine seems to be embracing her newfound freedom in this A Million Little Things Season 4, Episode 3 promo.

In Season 3, major changes took place for Katherine and Eddie. The couple broke the news to Theo (Tristan Byon) about their split and Eddie moved out from their family home. Then, Katherine started dating someone new. Though things ultimately didn’t work out with Alan (Terry Chen), it was a clear indicator that the lawyer was ready to move on from her ex. And judging by the promo for Episode 3, Katherine is continuing to enjoy her singlehood as Regina (Christina Moses), Dary (Floriana Lima), and Maggie (Allison Miller) throw her a fun divorce party.”

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Eddie. Although he and Katherine have been cordial with one another and even worked out a custody arrangement for Theo, Eddie is clearly not content with their situation. The former rockstar was learning to accept his new life after his car crash, but a mysterious call from the driver who caused his accident has got him stuck in the past. In the promo, Eddie vents to his new physical therapist about how the crash triggered his relapse, which ultimately led to his divorce. Clearly, he’s not ready to let go.

While fans may be bummed that Katherine and Eddie’s marriage is beyond repair, they can at least find comfort in knowing Gary (James Roday Rodriguez) and Darcy’s relationship is getting serious. In Episode 2, the couple looked at a home together, but there may be a roadblock to their happy ever after.

After Gary beat up Peter (Andrew Leeds) in the Season 3 finale, it was obvious his past would catch up to him sooner or later. The promo for Episode 3 finds Peter’s wife telling the police a man with a beard was parked outside their home. The detective already paid Eddie a visit and implied he was their top suspect earlier this season, and so this makes matters worse for him.

While these storylines are intense, the show is providing some comfort, too. Maggie’s new role as a guest therapist for a major radio station is providing much-needed comic relief. Plus, Rome (Romany Malco) and Regina are stronger than ever — despite both of them suffering major losses last season due to the coronavirus pandemic — which is nice to see. But Season 4 has only just begun, meaning there’s plenty of time for things to get a little bumpy for everyone.

A Million Little Things continues Wednesday, Oct. 6, at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.