Betty's flirtation with Agent Drake comes to a head in 'Riverdale' Season 6, Episode 17.

Betty's Feelings For Agent Drake Come To Light In Riverdale's New Promo

What does this mean for Barchie?

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It’s been a minute since Riverdale gave fans one of its signature relationship shake-ups. For the bulk of Season 6, Betty and Archie have been going strong, as have Jughead and Tabitha. The only real relationship drama that’s gone down is Veronica and Reggie breaking up, but that didn’t really come as a big shocker. However, it looks like the love lives of the Core Four are about to take a major turn, because the Riverdale Season 6, Episode 17 promo teases Betty exploring her sexuality a bit more.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Riverdale Season 6, Episode 16. For the past few episodes, Riverdale has been dropping some small clues that Betty’s relationship with her new investigative collaborator Agent Jillian Drake may develop into something more than just professional. FBI Agent Drake arrived in Riverdale when Cheryl began developing her pyrokinetic powers, given her unique specialization in strange phenomena. Since Riverdale is the beacon for all things weird, Drake decided to stick around and help Betty track down the Trash Bag Killer. But as their investigation got more serious, fans picked up on a more flirtatious vibe between Betty and Drake, especially after Drake asked Betty if she had a boyfriend “...or a girlfriend,” and seemed very interested in her relationship with Archie.

Now it looks like those clues really are leading up to a new romance. In the new teaser, Veronica basically lays it all out when she asks Betty, “Are you hot for Agent Drake?”

Some other interesting reveals in the trailer include a first look at the serial killer convention Betty and Veronica will be hosting to try to draw out the Trash Bag Killer, as well as Kevin seemingly turning to Cheryl’s witchcraft for help in his custody battle for Baby Anthony. Oh, and the whole episode will be a musical, featuring the songs from the American Psycho musical.

The episode synopsis doesn’t give much away, although Episode 16’s ending teased a return to Rivervale may be on the horizon.

In order to catch the Trash Bag Killer once and for all, Betty devises a plan to hold a serial killer convention in Riverdale. Elsewhere, Cheryl receives some news about Toni and Fangs that sends her spiraling, while Archie and Tabitha try to loosen the grip Percival has over his workers.

The slasher sing-along will air on Sunday, June 12 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.