Megan Thee Stallion broke with laughter during a couple 'Saturday Night Live' sketches.

Megan Thee Stallion's SNL Sketches Were So Funny, Even She Had To Laugh

Even hotties loose their cool sometimes.


Megan Thee Stallion didn’t just bring the bops when she returned to Saturday Night Live on Oct. 15, she also brought the jokes. The rap superstar had appeared on the sketch comedy show once before as the musical guest for Season 46’s premiere back in 2020, but her latest appearance was extra special since not only was she the musical guest, but it was also her hosting debut. The hilarious episode also saw the hot girl coach fall prey to a tried-and-true SNL tradition, as some of her sketches were so silly and bizarre that she couldn’t contain her laughter.

Some of the most iconic SNL moments of all time are when sketches go off the rails as the host or comedians can’t contain their laughter. Billie Eilish proved breaking was comedy gold when she hosted the show at the end of 2021, and even longtime SNL staples like Pete Davidson got huge laughs when he couldn’t keep it together during a particularly hilarious segment. During her hosting debut on Oct. 15, Megan Thee Stallion joined these ranks by breaking down into laughing fits during a couple of her funniest sketches.

Meg first lost it because of a deer puppet and Kenan Thompson’s hilarious faces. The absurd sketch saw Megan playing the daughter of Kenan’s character, who kept trying to get her father to notice a sneaky deer. As the comedy became too much to handle, Megan began laughing in between her lines towards the end of the sketch.

The first-time host totally took the laugh-out-loud moment in stride, joking that her wig in the scene messed her up.

The deer sketch wasn’t the only one to get Meg laughing. She also let out a few giggles in the middle of a workout class sketch, in which Heidi Gardner and Chloe Fineman played fitness instructors with nonexistent butts.

The night wasn’t all laughs, though. Megan took an emotional turn when it came time for her to perform her first song, “Anxiety.” Partway through the confessional track, Megan began tearing up, and was visibly choked up after finishing the performance.

It was definitely a big night for Megan, and one that she’s going to take a bit of time to recover from. A day before the show, Megan let her fans know that she’s planning on taking a bit of a break after SNL to rest up both physically and emotionally.

The hot girl coach may be on a hiatus right now, but at least she gave all the hotties a ton of hilarious sketches to revisit while they await her return to the spotlight.