Billie Eilish could not stop laughing during 'SNL's hotel sketch.

Billie Fully Broke During This SNL Sketch And It's Impossible Not To Laugh Along

Kate McKinnon was seriously trying to break Billie, and she succeeded.


When Saturday Night Live hosts break while performing a sketch, it makes the skit all the more hilarious, and the most recent episode of SNL totally proved that. On Dec. 11, Billie Eilish pulled double duty as SNL’s host and musical guest. During a skit accompanied by Kate McKinnon, Eilish and McKinnon were dressed as hotel receptionists as their characters were walking viewers through the “wonderful” amenities the not-so-appealing hotel offers, like “curtains with sticks” and “wet egg” for breakfast. Throughout the performance, Billie Eilish broke down laughing during SNL’s hotel sketch and it makes for a great skit.

Eilish kicked off the silly fake commercial by introducing herself as Kathlyn “the front desk girl” and McKinnon follows by saying, “I’m Kathreen. The same person as her,” nodding at Eilish. Kathlyn and Kathreen read off a list of amenities and “comforts required by law” that the hotel has and it becomes immediately clear that you might want to stay clear of the fictional Business Garden Inn & Suites & Hotel Room Inn.

Just a few seconds into to the sketch, McKinnon delivers a line that makes Eilish start to break, but only a second. “Other hotels provide relaxation, luxury and romance,” McKinnon said. Before Eilish could deliver her line, she held in a chuckle and quickly collected herself to be able to say her part. The little break is one of many the singer has through the skit. And McKinnon doesn’t make it any easier on Eilish, as she stays in character and stands close to the singer giving her intense stares while she tried to control her giggling.

McKinnon and Eilish delivered another laughter-filled SNL ad where the two played window neighbors across apartment complexes. In the Lonely Christmas sketch, Eilish’s character of Julie is looks out her window and sees McKinnon’s character of Margaret having Christmas dinner alone. The skit resembles Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me” window conversation and the Love Actually notecards scene, as Julie invites Margaret over for dinner through good ‘ole pen and paper. However, as the characters exchange messages through the window, Julie comes to find out Margaret is not the sweet little old lady she makes herself out to be. And let’s just say it makes for some good laughter.

Among the many talking points of the night, before performing a raw version of her song “Happier Than Ever,” Eilish’s parents made a cameo appearance and introduced her as the musical guest. Honestly, it doesn’t get any cuter.

Eilish’s musical performance was just as fun to watch as she rocked the stage singing the title track off her second album Happier Than Ever.

Throughout the night, Eilish really couldn’t stop laughing during her skits and viewers can see her break once more during the show’s “Santa Song” sketch, that also starred McKinnon (of course). And, honestly, who could blame her? Working with some of the best comedians in show business is bound to bring a smile to your face.