The Voices Behind Jasmine And Aladdin Reunited And It's Everything


Your emotions are about to get taken on a magic carpet ride.

Disney's D23 Expo revealed a lot of important things.

We learned that, despite popular belief, Orlando Bloom is still employable and how Robert Iger is going to suck as much money as humanly possible out of "Star Wars."

We also learned we should all probably hydrate before watching “Toy Story 4” because it will give us “Toy Story 3” level tears.

The most important lesson of all, though, is somehow even voiceover actor reunions can make us experience a strong case of the feels.

You try looking at this Instagram post of "Aladdin" stars Linda Larkin and Scott Weinger without having nostalgia clamp down on you like that lion head at the front of the Cave of Wonders clamps down on those who attempt to steal its treasures.

By the way, if the guy in this post looks kind of familiar, that's because he's DJ Tanner's boyfriend in “Full House.”

OK, too much nostalgia for one post.

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