3 Questions We Have After That Massive 'Game Of Thrones' Ending

by Ani Bundel

This post contains spoilers from Game Of Thrones Season 7, Episode 6. Tonight's episode of Game of Thrones was a stunner. The internet is still reeling from the one-two punch of Viserion's death and resurrection as an Ice Dragon, under the command of the Night King. But the shock of tonight's ending shouldn't overshadow the questions that it raises. Namely: How does this pertain to the Wall falling? Will Viserion blow fire or ice? And what the hell happened with Longclaw?

Of course, the biggest question is probably something along the lines of, "OMG, what does Daenerys *do* now that her dragon Viserion is dead?" She's down to two dragons. (Conveniently she has a second rider, too, though neither she nor Jon know it yet.) But, neither of them know the Night King resurrected her dragon. Will Jon hit the realization of the horror Daenerys will face when she sees her child undead, before it actually happens? Or will it not occur to him that anything and everything living that dies beyond the Wall and is not burned immediately becomes part of the Night King's army?

But that's only the beginning of our questions. Because, now that we're met an ice dragon, we would like to know a few things:

Do Ice Dragons blow cold fire or ice?


This is a very serious question. Because despite now having a dragon, the Night King still has an entire Army to get over the Wall. If Viserion still blows fire, that means he can melt the Wall in record time. (Well, ok, maybe about two hours or so, as we saw in the premiere date reveal.)

If Viserion blows ice, that's not really going to help take down the Wall, though it could assist in creating a land bridge to walk over the Wall. It could also freeze the Narrow Sea so the Night King's army could walk around. Remember, the Hound said he saw frozen waves in his vision of the Arrowhead mountain. Perhaps what he saw was the result of Viserion's death.

How will Cersei react to learning Dany lost a dragon?


Moreover, how will Jaime Lannister feel about joining an army that has to face an Ice Dragon? Now, to be fair, Daenerys and Jon don't yet realize that the Night King has resurrected Viserion, and they're not likely to tell Cersei that the Targaryen forces are down a mount.

But it's going to come out. Qyburn's little birds are going to know about it, which means word will reach Cersei. If she knows Dany is already down one, she's going to see this as a way to let the Targaryen enemy be killed off for her, without having to lift a finger, conveniently forgetting that leaves her to face the Night King alone.

What's the deal with Longclaw's glowing eye?


What the HECK was that?!

Jon Snow went under the waves. We *saw* that happen. We saw the Night King call time of death. We saw the wights turn away, sensing no living thing to attack and follow him away from the battlefield.

And then we saw Longclaw, with a white eye, and Jon somehow, impossibly rise from the frozen water, alive.

And just to be clear, here's Longclaw's eye in the next shot:


Black. As it is in every other shot we've seen of it.

So...what *was* that? Did Longclaw somehow save Jon's life? We know that Valyrian steel has dragon properties, and dragons are magic. We know, as Jon mentions very clearly in this episode, that he replaced the pommel. What in heaven's name is it replaced with? And how did it make sure Jon Snow lived?