50 Times Vine Star Ava Ryan Said What Everyone Was Thinking


Very few times in our lives do we come across someone who just gets us.

This person understands our struggles, our desires, our souls. This person is 5-year-old Viner, Ava Ryan.

Since joining Vine, Ava has regaled us with anecdotes, observations, and life advice that personifies what we have all thought at some point.

1. When she perfectly expressed our first thought every morning.

2. When she said out loud all of our thoughts while at the gym.

3. When she was as honest as we wish we could be about our Saturday night plans.

4. When she demonstrated the joys of finding the right outfit.

5. When she said what we all want to say when faced with the prospect of having to dress up.

6. When she basically summed up our flirting technique (or lack thereof).

7. When she described our friendship with our best friend perfectly.

8. When she recounted why all of us love online shopping.

9. When she reminded us of our daily closet struggles.

10. When she admitted to the hidden playlist of guilty pleasure music we all have on Spotify.

11. When she just wanted to have a dance party like we all do from time to time.

12. When she had the moment of clarity we all wish we could have.

13. When she confidently displayed her dance moves like we wish we could.

14. When she had the best comeback for when someone asks a dumb question.

15. When she gave the answer we all want to during job interviews.

16. When she just danced because sometimes you just need to dance.

17. When she said what we all want to do after a long week.

18. When she said aloud the thought we have all had after eating a lot of junk food.

19. When she acted out our reaction to every birthday after graduating college.

20. When she doled out the tough love advice we have sometimes wanted to give to friends.

21. When she said what we all think when we read entertainment news.

22. When she gets away with saying what we have all thought at one point.

23. When she takes the step we wish we could in admitting our singleness.

24. When she has the honest conversation we should have had with our roommate when he or she first moved in.

25. When she broached the topic we avoid at restaurants.

26. When she put into words how we all feel from time to time about becoming an adult.

27. When she gave the perfect excuse for not wanting to go out that night.

28. When she, without words, was each of us avoiding difficult questions.

29. When she said our first thought when being the third wheel.

30. When she was as candid as we wish we could be about a friend's outfit sometimes.

31. When she explained to us how easy making friends can be.

32. When she shows how hard it can actually be making friends sometimes.

33. When she dropped the hint we all have when shopping with our parents.

34. When she reenacted the situation we have all found ourselves in.

35. When she gave the encouragement we would all like to hear from time to time.

36. When she stopped to appreciate someone she cares about.

37. When she was at a level of confidence to which we all aspire.

38. When she put into words the thoughts we all have when we meet someone cool that we want to be friends with.

39. When she was everyone who has ever heard a song by Queen.

40. When she described the times we find an addictive snack.

41. When she calls out how we all feel when we find Christmas decorations in September.

42. When she owns up to something none of us want to admit.

43. When she went candle shopping.

44. When she does what we cannot by coming up with the perfect excuse in the moment.

45. When she expressed all of our feelings about Mondays.

46. When she was candid about how we all feel about ice cream.

47. When she said exactly what goes through our heads when we pay bills early/go to the gym regularly/do something responsible, etc.

48. When she perfectly summed up what we all really want.

49. When she said what we wish we could say to the classic, "Are you feeling okay? You look tired." comment.

50. When she asked the question we have all wanted to ask.