Stormi Did A Spot-On Impression Of Kylie, And The Video Is Adorable AF

Like mother, like daughter!

by Daffany Chan
Raymond Hall/GC Images/Getty Images

In another instance of the Kardashian-Jenner grandkids being adorable, Stormi Webster interrupted Kylie Jenner's Instagram Story video on Sept. 16 with a hilarious and adorable impression of her mom. It all went down while Jenner was promoting the launch of her new swimwear line, Kylie Swim. This video of Stormi’s Kylie Jenner impression on Instagram will seriously melt your heart.

Stormi decided to steal the spotlight while Jenner was filming a series of Instagram Story videos on a private jet to unveil Kylie Swim, which officially dropped on Sept. 17. "I am so excited that Kylie Swim is finally launching tomorrow at 3 p.m.," Jenner said in the video, as Stormi popped her head up in the bottom of the screen. "Doing swimwear for you guys has always been a dream of mine."

Jenner continued on to share that she’d been getting “so many compliments” on everything about the new swimwear collection, including the fit, and that’s when Stormi started getting impatient. “Mommy can I do the funny face now?” the 3-year-old said, while hopping in and out of Jenner’s IG moment.

Finally, Stormi decided she had enough, and it was her time to shine. She hilariously took over the video from Jenner by jumping in between her mom and the camera, before proceeding to impersonate the Kylie Swim founder on social media. "Hi, it's me, Kylie—Kylie Jenner," Stormi said with a smile, with her entire face taking up the camera. Jenner was taken aback and smiled and squealed, “What?!”

Though Stormi certainly captured fans’ hearts while impersonating her mom, the 3-year-old didn’t stop there. She also wrapped her arms around Kylie’s head before covering her mom’s face with her hands and announcing to viewers, “Kylie Jenner I like to be, it’s Stormi and my mommy.” Jenner seemed all at once entertained and surprised by her little girl’s on-camera persona, and TBH, it was all very adorable.

It seems roasting your famous mom runs in the family, as Stormi’s hi-jinx come about a week after North got in on mom Kim Kardashian West’s Boxy Charm unboxing video to say that Kim talks differently on IG than IRL.

Jenner was able to finally wrap up her Kylie Swim video by heading to another part of the plane — away from her daughter, of course. Since Jenner had a smile on the entire time while filming, it’s safe to say that the 24-year-old found the situation as amusing as fans did.