Unicorns May Be Coming To ‘Game Of Thrones’ Because Frappuccinos Weren’t Enough

by Ani Bundel

As Game of Thrones winds down to the final season, the show has worked hard to try and gather up all the thousands of dangling plot threads and tie everything they can up in a nice bow. Last year, they started by moving all the pieces on the board to one location: Westeros.

Well, all but two pieces. The first, Daario, was left behind in Meereen. But we assume he's there for the duration, so we can safely forget about Meereen forever.

The other is Jorah. Though he did his best to hide the greyscale infection he's been sporting since he and Tyrion faced the Stone Men in Season 5, it caught up with him, causing Dany to send him away to find a cure.

But where *will* Jorah go for a cure? And will he find it?  And what can cure greyscale anyway? Even Shireen wasn't cured, her disease was simply stopped in its tracks.

One theory? Unicorns.

No, hear me out! I'm not suggesting the man dyes his hair shades of violet and blue here.

But as a Reddit theory notes, the alicorn (the horn of the unicorn) can supposedly cure anything. And though that theory suggests unicorns don't exist on Planetos anymore, they actually do.

In A Feast for Crows, Euron Greyjoy has alicorns as part of the plunder from his travels. And in his warging dreams, Jon Snow sees Shaggydog take down a Unicorn, which means there was at least one living on Westeros in the last three years.

As far as the books have told us, unicorns are mainly found on the Island of Skagos. Skagos (which translate in the Old Tongue to "stone") is located in the northern Narrow Sea, due west of Eastwatch-By-The-Sea, at the fort that's located at the Westernmost tip of the Wall.

So the Island of Stone (Any relation to the Stone Men disease of greyscale? Hm.) has unicorns, and Jorah is looking for a cure. Sending him to Skagos would certainly put him closer to Westeros, and maybe even on a path home.


Could the answer be a potion made from the alicorn?

And if so, do you think he'll take his receipt back after 2 p.m. the same day and get a free one to take to Dany?

Game of Thrones Season 7 returns to HBO at 9 p.m. on July 16.