Uncle Jesse Congratulated Mary-Kate Olsen With The Cutest Throwback Pic

When you're a beautiful, young, successful woman who's already thrown a top secret wedding with “bowls and bowls filled with cigarettes,” there's not much more to ask of the universe.

Oh? What's that?

A tribute straight from Uncle Jesse's Instagram is on the table?

OK, I take it back. When you're a beautiful, young, successful, happily married woman, the only thing missing in your amazing fever-dream of a life is an Insta tribute from the great John Stamos.

Mary-Kate Olsen married French billionaire banker Olivier Sarkozy this weekend in a private, 50-guest ceremony in New York, and, come Monday, Stamos posted a throwback photo to Instagram to honor his former “Full House” costar.

The pic of Stamos hugging the Olsen twins back in the show's 90s heyday was captioned, "'In the blink of an eye.' Congrats MK. X.”

Other costars also sent their love. Despite reportedly not being invited to the ceremony, Bob Saget texted his TV daughter “mazel tov” and told the “Today" show,

I love her very much... I hope that they're happy.

The tiny designer also received well wishes from Dave Coulier, aka Uncle Joey.

He told Entertainment Tonight,

I'd like to congratulate Mary-Kate and wish her and her husband all the happiness in the world. Sending my love.

No word yet on whether or not Comet the dog congratulated the couple, but -- hmm?


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