Allison and Claire's relationship seemed to change between Seasons 2 and 3 of 'The Umbrella Academy....

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Fixed A Big Season 2 Plot Hole

A lot can change between seasons, I guess.


Allison Hargreeves has been through a lot, and Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy showed her at her lowest. Throughout the new season, Allison’s grief became so intense that it even seemed like she was about to go full supervillain, but the cause of that despair felt like a stark contrast to her focus last season. Although her storyline got super dark, Allison’s The Umbrella Academy Season 3 journey fixed a Season 2 plot hole that always felt very off.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from throughout The Umbrella Academy Season 3. Allison’s sole focus in Season 3 is reuniting with her daughter, Claire. After the Umbrellas messed up the timeline during their trip back to the ‘60s, Allison returned to the present to discover Claire was no longer her daughter in the new timeline. This realization sent Allison into a dark and deadly spiral, causing her to lash out at her siblings in truly horrific ways. Most shockingly, she used her powers to force Luther to kiss her against his will in her loneliness, and murdered Viktor’s sorta-son Harlan, blaming him for creating the Claire-less timeline.

It all led up to her making a deal with the devil. Allison secretly promised to help Reginald trick her siblings into going along with his Hotel Oblivion plan to reset the universe. Although the details of their details remained unsaid, it was heavily implied that Reginald promised Allison she’d get Claire back if she followed his orders.

Basically, Allison proved she would do truly anything for her daughter in Season 3... which came as a bit of a surprise after she seemingly forgot all about Claire last season. During the gang’s trip back to the ‘60s, viewers were pretty shocked that Allison never mentioned Claire. The only time she said her daughter’s name during that era was toward the end of Episode 7, when she learned there may be a way to return to 2019 and see Claire again.


The total disappearance of Allison’s bond with Claire in Season 2 felt jarring for fans, especially since Allison’s love for her daughter was so central to her story in Season 1. While there may be some sort of explanation in the fact that Allison was one of the first siblings to arrive in the ‘60s and had already been living in the era for two years before they all reunited, fans considered the total sidelining of Claire was a major plot hole.

But clearly, that plot hole was fully paved over in Season 3. And in the end, Allison finally got to reunite with her daughter at long last... although something tells me her happy little family won’t be so happy if The Umbrella Academy returns for a fourth season.