Tyrion’s Attempting To Make New Alliances On ‘Game Of Thrones’ And We're Rooting For Him

by Ani Bundel

This post contains spoilers from "Game Of Thrones" Season 7, Episode 2. 

Last week, we saw Cersei Lannister send out ravens announcing her new role as the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. She invited Euron to King's Landing in hopes of allying herself with the current ruler of the Iron Islands, and she demanded Jon Snow come to King's Landing and bend the knee.

This week, it's the turn of the other woman who walks around calling herself Queen of the Andals (Mother of Dragons, Planner of Invasions) to start sending out ravens to proclaim her right to the Iron Throne. But unlike Cersei, who would have totally impulsively struck King's Landing with all of her forces, Dany is bowing to a more moderating influence: Cersei's younger brother, Tyrion, who sent Jon Snow a raven on Game of Thrones.

For Tyrion, this is a second chance to get the whole "ruling" thing right. As viewers recall, back in Season 2, Tyrion screwed up being the Hand of the King six ways from Sunday. He made decisions that made people's lives better without thinking how they wouldn't actually appreciate it, and he never played the appropriate politics to make sure he got the credit for his good deeds. By the time Tywin came back and took over, Tyrion was considered by the smallfolk of King's Landing to be the menace who was trying to ruin their lives, while Joffrey was a smart and kindly king who was menaced by a terrible deformed uncle.

Along with working towards the right decisions to make a good first impression, instead of "Queen of the Ashes", Tyrion is also looking for allies Dany can count on. Though she has the Dornish and Highgarden on her side, these are not houses that are going to bring a lot of respect to House Targaryen. Having the Starks on his side though: that could potentially bring with it the entire north as an ally.


That's why hearing that Jon Snow, who Tyrion befriended way back in Season 1 during their trip to the Wall, is now ruling the top third of the Seven Kingdoms is the best news he's heard all week. Melisandre he can take or leave -- the followers of R'hllor were a good propaganda machine for him to use on their home turf of Essos, but much less so here. But getting Jon Snow to come to their side would be a major coup, leading him to send a personal message at the end of their missive, in homes that Snow will remember the exchange.

Tyrion didn't account for one thing though: his sort-of-ex-wife. (It's not clear if their marriage was officially annulled, though since her claim of the marriage being unconsummated is true, it's sort of "taken as read.") Jon Snow might be inclined to trust Tyrion, but Sansa isn't about to let him run into an alliance with the man she was once forced to marry with open arms, even if she admits he's different than the others.

Jon did agree he would try listening. Sorry Tyrion.