TXT released a new song, "Sweet Dreams," in time for the holidays.

TXT Just Dropped "Sweet Dreams," A Surprise Carol Full Of Holiday Cheer

It's the ultimate present for MOA.


‘Tis the season for new music from TXT! The K-pop superstars blessed fans with a new track on Dec. 22, and it’s bursting with holiday cheer. The band wrote their festive song as a special seasonal surprise for MOA, and fans are already learning every lyric.

If it seems like TXT’s latest bop came out of nowhere, that’s because it did. The band first teased “Sweet Dreams” through their official Twitter page, and promised that the song wold be “coming soon.” Shortly after, the song hit YouTube and fans got a chance to hear every flawless verse.

The new track was a collaborative effort from all the bandmates. “YEONJUN and HUENINGKAI took part in writing the melody,” a statement read. Meanwhile, “SOOBIN, TAEHYUN, and HUENINGKAI wrote lyrics.” Oh, and the song was the ultimate gift to fans for several reasons. The guys had MOA top of mind while writing this one, expressing their gratitude to their devoted fanbase for all the love they have received. “Sweet Dreams” also was written in hopes of bringing fans a warm holiday season filled with blessings following a difficult year for many.

After taking a listen, MOA took to Twitter with their thoughts about the new holiday track. Many admitted that the song put them in their feels.

“oh the harmonies in sweet dreams? txt did that!” one fan praised.

Another fan tweeted, “omg txt thank you so much sweet dreams was amazing.”

The general consensus? That “Sweet Dreams” is a bop and fans cannot get enough.

There’s nothing like waking up and seeing a surprise song from your favorite band. With “Sweet Dreams,” TXT delivered a little holiday magic just in the nick of time.