Gayle and TXT posed with each other at the 2022 American Music Awards.

TXT & Gayle Fangirled Over Reuniting At The AMAs

Love to see besties supporting besties.

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Both Gayle and TXT had big nights at the 2022 American Music Awards, but the real win was getting to see their sweet friendship up close. Not only are the two pop acts some of the buzziest names in the music biz, but they’ve also developed a super supportive relationship that fans have loved seeing flourish. That’s why this scene-stealing photo of Gayle with TXT at the 2022 AMAs sent fans into a frenzy.

As TXT superfans well know, the beloved K-pop group has formed a tight bond with Gayle as she continues to take over the music world thanks to the success of her 2021 single “abcdefu.” The friendship began over the summer at Lollapalooza, where TXT and Gayle were both performing at the end of July. Gayle got the TXT boys to film a TikTok with her where they each lip-synced verses of “abcdefu,” and an iconic friendship was born.

And everyone who was charmed by that video didn’t have to wait too long for a besties reunion. A little over three months later, TXT reunited with Gayle at the 2022 American Music Awards on Nov. 20 and made sure to pose with her for the coolest group pic of the night.

Superfans caught footage of Gayle catching up with Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and HueningKai during the show, posting screenshots of the reunited besties chatting in the audience.

The big conversation around the reunion, though, revolved around Taylor Swift. MOAs were holding out hope that Gayle may introduce their beloved boy band to Swift, given that Gayle is one of Swift’s opening acts for her upcoming Eras Tour, and that the superstar unexpectedly showed up at the AMAs. In fact, Swift was sitting next to none other than Gayle herself throughout the awards show.

While MOAs will have to wait to see if Gayle did bring up TXT to Swift, at least they got another chance to celebrate this iconic friendship.

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Gayle and TXT had more to celebrate than just their reunion at the AMAs. Gayle was nominated for New Artist of the Year, and TXT was up for Favorite K-Pop Artist. Here’s hoping Gayle and TXT fans will keep giving fans fun, memorable moments together, because their friendship really does seem so pure.