Twitter Is Concerned About Tom Hiddleston After The Taylor Swift-Kim K Drama

Tom Hiddleston, I am addressing you directly. Are you OK?

This phone call drama between Kimye and your lady love, Taylor Swift, is brutal, but it's not your battle.

You might think as a 35-year-old, successful adult man, you're safe from this swamp of petty celebrity waste. You might think it's harmless to stand so close to the edge of something so rotten. You might even think you can rescue one or all of the people involved from drowning because you're a sweet man with a big, gentle heart and kind eyes.

Twitter knows better. Twitter is worried about you.

Honestly, Tom, look at me. Are you all right?

Are you planning to abandon this madness?

Tom Hiddleston in a few days #kimexposedtaylorparty — smol bean (@smolbeanmadi) July 18, 2016

Or will you double down and propose to Tay Tay to save her from this PR mess?

I wonder if Tom Hiddleston is still gonna purpose her. I mean. Isn't he afraid of poisonous snake? #KimExposedTaylorParty — la Chérie (@_amiraaman) July 18, 2016

Please know there's still a chance for you to escape this drama.

In the event Taylor asks you to move to Guyana and start an agricultural project, it will be too late to save yourself. For now, though, there is time.

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