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15 Momo Quotes For IG Captions That'll Motivate You And Your Followers

Can't stop me, can't stop me!

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TWICE has been dominating the K-pop scene ever since they debuted in 2015. In fact, fans call them The Nation's Girl Group because every song they release is an instant hit. TWICE exudes such positive energy in their music that’s infectious, so it’s no wonder why fans keep coming back for more. The best part is, each member brings something unique to the group. Momo’s extraordinary dance skills, beautiful vocals, and impressive rap verses are what make her special. Besides her musical talents, fans love how Momo is always looking out for ONCE. Through the years, she’s offered many words of advice for fans. If you’re looking to spread the love, here are TWICE's Momo's best quotes for Instagram captions.

Momo, who is nicknamed the group’s “Dancing Machine,” chased her dream of becoming an idol for almost four years before she landed her big break. Throughout her journey, she never let a single “no” stop her from believing she could one day succeed. After getting cut on the reality competition series Superstar K Japan in 2011, Momo tried out for JYP and eventually became a trainee. She then took another leap by appearing on the reality competition series Sixteen. Although she was initially eliminated in the sixth episode, her extraordinary talent and perseverance convinced the judges to bring her back. The rest was history.

Now, Momo is continuing to inspire fans as a member of TWICE. Below, you’ll find the singer’s best quotes for Instagram captions that capture her determined spirit.

The Chosunilbo JNS/ImaZinS/Getty Images
  1. “Find happiness in the little things in life.” — from TWICE’s April 11, 2019 VLIVE
  2. “If you have something you want to do, then that’s what you should do.” — from TWICE’s April 11, 2019 VLIVE
  3. “If you have something you’re doing right now, you can do that to your satisfaction.” — from TWICE’s April 11, 2019 VLIVE
  4. “If you keep going, anything is possible.” — from TWICE’s Dec. 30, 2019, Buzzfeed Interview
  5. “We are all better together. It’s important to lean on each other through the good and bad times.” — from TWICE’s June 9, 2020, Elle Interview
  6. “Do not be afraid of challenges... If you try, you’ll learn something, whatever that may be. It’s better than not going for it.” — from TWICE’s May 21, 2020, Refinery29 Interview
  7. “Makeup has the power to make you more confident, but it’s the confidence that makes you beautiful, not the make-up products. You are already beautiful; beauty is all about empowerment.” — from TWICE’s Nov. 25, 2020, VeryGoodLight Interview
  8. “The glimmering light is enticing meI start walking without realizing, step by step.” — from TWICE’s “Sunset”
  9. “From Nobody to Somebody, I become a very special me.” — from TWICE’s “Feel Special”
  10. “I can’t stop me, can’t stop me.” — from TWICE’s “I Can’t Stop Me”
  11. “Bubble gum dream that is getting bigger as if it’s going to burst.” — from TWICE’s “Young & Wild”
  12. “A lot of things are waiting to unfold.” — from TWICE’s “Girls Like Us”
  13. “Let’s deliver with courage.” — from TWICE’s “Stay By My Side”
  14. “Have strength, baby don’t give up.” — from TWICE’s “Don’t Give Up”
  15. “I want to continue screaming out who I am.” — from TWICE’s “Breakthrough”

Whatever you choose, Momo’s quotes will remind your followers how important is to never give up on their dreams.