Bruce Stephenson from Netflix's 'Twentysomethings'

Here's What Bruce Is Up To After Leaving Twentysomethings

Fans are intrigued.


The new Netflix reality series Twentysomethings: Austin is all about a group of, well, 20-somethings who move to Austin, Texas, for a fresh start. For some of them, Austin is the place where they’ll find themselves and truly begin their lives. For others, Austin is not all it’s cracked up to be. Bruce Stephenson from Twentysomethings falls into the latter category. The athlete-turned-insurance agent wound up having a tough time on the show; here’s everything you need to know about what he’s up to now.

Warning: Spoilers for Twentysomethings Season 1, Episode 6 follow. Bruce’s Austin experience started off strong. He interviewed for a job with the Texas Round Rock Express minor league baseball team, and things got flirty between him and Isha Punja. But after waiting a while and hearing nothing about the job, and after things fizzled out with Isha, Bruce started to realize there wasn’t much keeping him in Austin. In Season 1, Episode 4, Bruce questioned his move during a phone call with his dad. “Moving to Texas was fun, but there are a lot of times I wonder if it was a selfish move,” he said. “I miss my family a lot.” He did eventually get a job offer from Round Rock Express, but it made him realize that he wasn’t ready to put roots down in Austin. So, he wound up moving back home to South Carolina to be near his family.

Here’s what he’s doing now.

Bruce Stephenson’s Real Job

Before 2020, Bruce worked in retail operations for the Atlanta Braves. However, due to the lockdowns, he was laid off, and so he moved home to Greenville, South Carolina, to work as an insurance agent at his dad’s company. He left that job to explore his options in Austin, and he got the opportunity to return to professional sports with the Round Rock Express job offer. But Bruce realized he didn’t want to live so far away from his family, and so he moved back to South Carolina. Bruce is now back to working at his dad’s insurance agency.

He definitely seems to be ready to explore other career opportunities, though, and it looks like Twentysomethings helped Bruce figure out how much he loves being in front of the camera. On his website, he says his dream jobs are “actor, musician, or a high school teacher.” The 23-year-old also has posted his measurements and headshots on his website, so he seems to be actively looking for acting and/or modeling work.

Bruce Stephenson’s Instagram

Keeping in line with Bruce’s goals of acting and modeling, his Instagram is full of photos that could belong in his portfolio. He also posts photos of his travels and workout videos. Bruce also used his Instagram to announce he’s now available on Cameo, in case you’re interested in a personal message from him.

Bruce Stephenson Facts

Bruce’s website is full of facts about him, like the fact that he lettered in baseball in high school and that he’s a big fan of Joe Rogan and Matthew McConaughey. Bruce also lives with epilepsy and he focuses a lot of efforts on supporting the Epilepsy Foundation.

Twentysomethings: Austin is streaming on Netflix now.