Twitter Is Fawning Over Troye Sivan's Saucy "Angel Baby" Video

It just might be the next great LGBTQ+ anthem.

Troye Sivan is back and he’s truly never looked better. The singer released his music video for “Angel Baby” on Oct. 13 and fans are losing it over the steamy clips. Sivan is welcoming a new chapter with the release of the video, and fans are more than ready to join him on the journey. These tweets about Troye Sivan's "Angel Baby" music video are as passionate as the video itself.

Sivan’s new video is sensual from start to finish, and that’s exactly the way he intended it to be. "This song and video are a celebration of love and queerness and tenderness and sex and fantasy," he wrote on Instagram following the song’s release. "Thanks to the whole team, the incredible cast, and of course to @lukegilford for bringing it to life. Hope you guys love it."

Well, love it they did. As soon as “Angel Baby” was released, Twitter lit up with rave reactions to the clip, and many fans said they kept it on repeat. “Just watched angel baby mv by troye sivan ohmfg i can't it's so beautiful HE LOOKS LIKE AN ANGEL HIMSELF,” one person tweeted.

“Angel baby by troye sivan is a whole other LEVEL of ethereal,” another fan wrote.

Basically, fans cannot get enough of the flirtatious video and are stanning it to the max. You can see all the best reactions to Sivan’s “Angel Baby” video below.

Sivan is an LGTBTQ+ icon in his own right, and his new video isn’t the only time he’s unapologetically bared some skin. In September 2021, he walked the runway at Rihanna's Savage x Fenty fashion show, and told Entertainment Tonight why the moment was so meaningful to him. "As someone who struggled with my sexuality when I was younger and body image later in life, it’s so, so important," he said of the experience. "It’s cool to get everyone together and feel really hot and feel really cool. Just to celebrate that humanity is really nice."

Now, with the release of his new video, Sivan is oozing confidence through and through. You can watch “Angel Baby” below.

The biggest takeaway fans have gotten from Sivan’s new video? He just might be an angel on earth.