Trolling Taylor Swift On Snapchat Might Be Kim K's New Favorite Hobby


It's been exactly one week since Kim Kardashian went on her spree of video posts that seemed to incriminate Taylor Swift, but it looks like she's still taking victory laps on Snapchat.

While she was partying in Las Vegas this weekend, Kim shared a video of her singing the song that was at the center of the Kimye-Taylor beef, specifically during the parts of the track that reference T-Swift.

Here's the clip from Friday night.

Now, I don't want to dissect this too much (lol JK, I totally do), but Kim looks like she's going out of her way to do this. Never mind her singing along to the words "I made that bitch famous," but she clearly gave the phone to her friend to take a snap.

That's not even a criticism, either, it just makes the video that much funnier, almost as funny as when Kim did pretty much the exact same thing days before the release of those videos.

Here she is with Kendall singing what might as well be the Kardashians' summer anthem.

It seems too petty for adults, doesn't it? But all we've learned this week is petty moves on Snapchat are clearly the meat and potatoes of Hollywood feuds.

And even though Kim won that feud, it still look like she enjoys trolling Taylor Swift.