Calvin Harris Just Made It Clear Whose Side He's On Between Kimye And Taylor


Now, let's be clear about this. We already had every reason in the world to believe Calvin Harris was loving it when Kim Kardashian exposed Taylor Swift.

Never mind the fact Calvin and Taylor experienced a public breakup. That was one thing. But when he went on Twitter, removed all filters, and went out of his way to call her out, that's when everyone knew that man was SALTY.

So, yeah, it's not exactly inconceivable that Calvin, perhaps, laughed himself to sleep last Sunday night. But still, we haven't seen him mention or even allude to anyone on either side of the Kimye-Taylor drama.

But then God said let there be Snapchat, and it was good.

Now, inevitably there's going to be some buzzkill that comes around and says this means nothing -- probably a non-Millennial who doesn't know any better.

But let's keep it 100 here.

If I were Calvin Harris and I had a following of tens of thousands of people and I wanted to throw shade in a way that allowed me to plausibly deny but also enjoy the personal satisfaction that comes with throwing said shade, best believe I would be out here on Snapchat singing Kanye lyrics that specifically mention his wife (IDK what that frying pan is all about though).

But maybe that's just me. Maybe I'm the crazy one.

One thing's for sure. That Snapchat ain't exactly a show of solidarity with Taylor Swift, I'll tell you that much.