Reese Witherspoon will return in the new 'Election' sequel 'Tracy Flick Can't Win.'

Reese Witherspoon Is Finally Making A Sequel To 1 Of Her Most Iconic ’90s Movies

First Legally Blonde 3 and now this!

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Reese Witherspoon is giving a vote of confidence to one of the most memorable characters from the start of her career. The actor is set to reprise her role as type-A overachiever Tracy Flick in an upcoming sequel to Election. A follow-up to the 1999 comedy has been over two decades in the making, so here’s what fans can expect from Tracy Flick Can’t Win, including when it might premiere and what other stars could join Witherspoon in the cast.

The Election sequel was announced on Dec. 8, with confirmation that Witherspoon will reprise her lead role as Tracy Flick and the original movie’s director and co-writer, Alexander Payne, will also return to direct and co-write the new movie. Although it’s been 23 years since Election hit theaters, the sequel announcement didn’t come totally out of the blue. The new movie will adapt Tom Perrotta’s novel Tracy Flick Can’t Win, which was released in June 2022. The book catches up with Tracy years after her corrupt high-school election, now the assistant principal at a public high school. When the high school’s principal announces his retirement, Tracy’s innate power-grabbing kicks in once again as she guns for his job.

Interestingly enough, Tracy Flick Can’t Win isn’t the only long-awaited sequel Witherspoon has been working on in 2022. She’s also bringing Elle Woods back for Legally Blonde 3, which is expected to premiere sometime in 2023.

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Tracy Flick Can’t Win: Predicted Cast

As of the sequel’s announcement, Witherspoon is the only actor attached to Tracy Flick Can’t Win. And don’t expect to see other Election stars like Matthew Broderick or Chris Klein reprising their roles alongside her — the sequel novel introduced a whole new cast of characters in Tracy’s adult life, including her 10-year-old daughter and doctor boyfriend.

Tracy Flick Can’t Win: Predicted Release Date

Hopefully, Tracy Flick Can’t Win will premiere before the end of 2023. When it does come out, it will be available to stream exclusively on Paramount+.