Louis Russell is the breakout star of 'Too Hot To Handle' Season 5.

Louis May Actually Be Too Hot For Too Hot To Handle

All the girls want him.

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Lana may have finally met her match in Season 5 of Too Hot To Handle, because Louis Russell is simply too hot (and too horny) for the show. Right when the model stepped onto the yacht, every woman immediately had their eyes on him, and he wasn’t shy about embracing all that attention. Louis is clearly the breakout star of Too Hot To Handle Season 5, so here’s everything viewers should know about him.

From the very first seconds of Too Hot To Handle Season 5, the season was all about Louis. Right off the bat, he had three of the five women fighting over him, as Megan, Christine, and Hannah all tried to seduce him into sleeping in their beds on night one. And he was not willing to limit his options at all, promising all three of them a spot in his bed. When night finally arrived, he did end up picking Hannah, but that didn’t stop him from also keeping a spark alive for Christine as well.

Throughout the first few episodes, Louis was easily responsible for costing the group the most money by constantly hooking up with Hannah and Christine, and even organizing a shady pact with Isaac to encourage other contestants to give into their carnal impulses, too. The chronic rule-breaker may go down as one of the series’ most notorious contestants, and you can bet he will be stirring the pot outside of the show as well.

Too Hot To Handle Season 5’s Louis Russell’s Instagram

No surprise here — Louis’ Instagram is filled with smoldering selfies and modeling shots. He’s also active on TikTok, where he posts dances, lip syncs, and cheeky jokes about how he handled being on Too Hot To Handle.

Too Hot To Handle Season 5’s Louis Russell’s Age

Louis was 22 when he filmed Season 5 of Too Hot To Handle.

Too Hot To Handle Season 5’s Louis Russell’s Real Job

Louis introduced himself as a semi-pro footballer from Hampshire, England, but his real job is as a fashion model. He’s signed to Forte Model Management, and you can see his portfolio on the agency’s website.

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