A New 'Riverdale' Character Is Coming & Will Cause Major Drama For Bughead – EXCLUSIVE

by Katie Corvino
The CW/YouTube

If you're team Bughead for life, then I apologize, because you probably aren't going to like what you're about to read. There's a new character coming to Riverdale and she's about to stir up a lot of drama for Betty and Jughead. Yup, their relationship might be in trouble! So, who is Toni Topaz? Riverdale's newest character is a bisexual gang member for the Southside Serpents and is definitely someone Bughead fans should have their eye on. Elite Daily had the chance to speak with Vanessa Morgan, who plays Toni, on the VMAs red carpet to learn about her character.

When asked about the role Toni Topaz will play in the upcoming season, Morgan tells us,

My character's name is Toni Topaz, she's a gang member for the Southside Serpents, she's one of Jughead's first friends from Southside, and she might cause a little bit of trouble for Bughead... but she's super interesting, she's super fun, and I think she's gonna bring some excitement for the Bughead fans.

Excitement? I'm scared. When asked to share further details about what "drama" she will bring, Morgan explains,

There might be a little love triangle there...

A love triangle? Bughead is doomed. So, what does Morgan think about Betty and Jughead in real life? When asked about Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart, Morgan says,

In real life they're the sweetest people ever ... the nicest people.

We then discussed how Morgan landed the part as Toni Topaz and first joined the show. She shares,

One of my best friends is already on [Riverdale], Madelaine Petsch, she plays Cheryl Blossom... I auditioned for it a year ago for a different part, I didn't get it but Roberto, the creator, told me he would have me this season ... joining it was just amazing, the creators of the show are so good, it's looking so good.

So, will Season 2 be even more dramatic than the first? Morgan weighs in,

We're currently filming, we're on the sixth episode so I know a lot ... I think it could be [more dramatic], I think it's really, really good ... I've seen some clips and it's very good.

So, who is Vanessa Morgan? I asked the actress to share a few fun facts about herself:

I love to sing, I love my dog ... my Chihuahua, Yoshi, and I just love being quirky and weird.

There you have it, Riverdale fans. Welcome to the show, Toni Topaz!