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Tolú Says Dom Acted Like "Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde" On Perfect Match

"He needed me to believe that he liked me so he could get in the house."

This article contains spoilers for the first six episodes of Perfect Match Season 2. We won’t know if Tolú Ekundare really found her perfect match until the new season comes to an end, but we do know she’s completely done with Dom Gabriel. Though she had an incredible date with the Season 1 winner, Tolú and Dom’s relationship quickly fell apart after that initial spark. She tells Elite Daily that Dom put on a fake “persona” with her to manipulate her into matching with him. And once he got in the house, his whole attitude towards Tolú changed.

“I believe that during our first date, he put on a persona or a character because he recognized that he needed me to believe that he liked me so he could get in the house,” Tolú says.

She felt like Dom had used her simply as a doormat so he could step into the game. “After we matched and he was in the house, he flipped a switch,” Tolú says. “The bright, funny, charismatic Dom that we saw on that first date, I don't know where the hell he went. He wasn't in the house with us no more.”

Tolú noticed how Dom would interact differently with her and with Alara, the other woman he was interested in pursuing. “When we were having our conversations, he would say that he was jaded from his experience in Perfect Match Season 1 and didn’t believe in a perfect match,” Tolú says. “But, how can you tell me all that, and then as soon as a girl that more fits your type comes into the house, all of a sudden you believe in love? All of a sudden you want to give things a chance? All of a sudden you want to be a nice person?”


Because of how he suddenly switched up his personality, Tolú now refers to Dom as “my Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde match.”

The Season 2 finale of Perfect Match will drop on Netflix on June 21.