Tila Tequila Just Might Be The Greatest Philosopher Of Our Generation


I have an apology to make. I might have been a little too quick to judge Tila Tequila and her Twitter rampage yesterday. I used words like "insane" and "cray cray." But you know who else was called crazy? Einstein. Newton. Darwin.

What I'm trying to say is Tila Tequila is the new Copernicus.

Consider her theory on time.

Time doesn't exist. Time is a social construct. We are all slaves to the social construct.


This is subversive and cutting edge on so many levels.

What is the leafness of a leaf? The macaroni-ness of a macaroni? We give objects names and supply meaning, but that does not define what they are.

Who makes up any of the rules? Is there a higher power at work? What are we?!

Evidence that wormholes do exist.

Pretty sure that's along the lines of what Ghandi was saying.

Ghandi said that too.

Sometimes, true genius is not of this world. Sometimes, brilliant theories come from unlikely places, like Mars.

All I'm saying is we shouldn't dismiss Tila too quickly.

You won't want to be on the wrong side of this one in case it comes out that the world is, in fact, flat, and we are all lizard people, which, to be honest, isn't that hard to believe in a place like Los Angeles.