17 Thoughts You Will Have When You See 'Magic Mike Live'

by Sheena Sharma
Warner Bros

Guys, the premiere of the Vegas show "Magic Mike Live Las Vegas" is just months away and tickets are now on sale, which makes the end of summer not seem so bad.

That's right: "Magic Mike" not only lived on the big screen — it's also going to be a live show at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas.

Meaning? A ton of women are going to be very lucky.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum's hot AF hubby Channing Tatum gave us a little preview of the show on "Ellen" (watching it may or may not be the best few minutes of your life).

The summary: A ripped dude gives a woman the lap dance of her life, then a bunch of other equally hot, ripped dudes tear their shirts off and dance to "Pony."

For the women in the audience, eyes widen, mouths drop and panties get wet. (OK, I can't say that with certainty, but I can bet on it.)

In preparation for the real show, let's all go through the emotional roller coaster of thoughts you'll have when watching a bunch of beautiful men jiggle and gyrate in "Magic Mike Live" in-person...

1. DAYUM, they have moves.

2. And that means they definitely have moves in the bedroom...

3. I need to get me a man like that.

4. Will I get arrested if I get up there and grind with one (or all) of them?

5. Eh, guess I'll find out the hard way because I'm definitely running up there.

6. AHH. Can't. Control. Myself.

7. OK, I had to contain myself for a second there. Phew. No one wants to see my lady juices all over the place.

8. Well, unless they want to, in which case, I can make that happen.

9. I wonder what their workout routine is. Mmm, I could do me some LAUNDRY off those washboard abs.

10. And — plot twist — I'd actually enjoy doing it.

11. But seriously, would I even survive the "Magic Mike" workout plan?

12. If I had these dudes to look at during the whole exercise, I think I might.

13. It's a good thing I didn't bring my boyfriend because he is a mere peasant compared to these dudes. A PEASANT.

14. Why am I living #PeasantLife? Maybe I should break up with him...

15. OMG! Here comes the grand finale.

16. They finished, and so did I. (Ha.)

17. But WHY did it have to end?!