Caitlin Thompson as Madison, Mandy Moore as Rebecca, Chrissy Metz as Kate  in This Is Us

Try To Watch The This Is Us Season 5 Finale Promo Without Getting Emotional

Kevin and Madison are getting hitched, y'all.

by Ani Bundel

It's been a year of emotional ups and downs for This Is Us, both on- and offscreen. The season’s start was delayed by an entire month due to the coronavirus pandemic, only to open with the Pearson brothers still estranged from one another. Both Randall and Kevin then went on spiritual journeys throughout the season — although it was peppered with several breaks, some of which were unscheduled due to COVID-related filming shutdowns. But even though the season ultimately wound up reduced by two installments, the This Is Us Season 5, Episode 16 promo promises that sticking with the family during the tough times brings rewards... and that finale will pack just as much of a punch as the ones that came before it.

Warning: Spoilers for This Is Us Season 5, Episode 15 follow. Both Kevin and Madison's final celebrations before the wedding brought up specters of past relationships and fears for the future. For Kevin, when his ex-wife Sophie called to congratulate him and wish him good luck, he became unsettled. For Madison, it wasn't until her bachelorette party was over and she watched back Kevin's refusal to discuss their potential future in the "Newlywed Game Video" that her unsettled feelings turned up.

But even with the general cold feet that come before any major life decision, Kevin and Madison's marriage will go forward in the finale. This is the second time This Is Us has ended a season with a wedding (Kate and Toby closed out Season 2), and fans hope Kevin's nuptials will bring forth just as many feelings.

The finale is titled "The Adirondacks," which is the location Madison chose for their ceremony. The synopsis gives little away other than the obvious: "The family gathers for Kevin and Madison's wedding."

But This Is Us executive producer Isaac Aptaker might have given fans a bit of a hint of what's to come in the finale — and it's rooted in a critical moment toward the end of Episode 15. As Beth headed off to her Uber, Rebecca said she's sad Randall hasn't talked to her about New Orleans or his birth mother. Beth told Rebecca not to assume Randall's somehow hiding this from her. Basically: If she wants to know, ask him.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Aptaker said, “I'm very excited for what's to come there. That's really a series-long important story." As Aptaker sees it, Randall's "been on such a journey and really hasn't had those scenes with Rebecca where he's sharing what he's learned about his birth mom. There's so much there that is waiting to explode — and I can't wait for people to see next week's episode."

It wouldn't be a Pearson wedding without waterworks and fireworks.

Fans should make sure to note the This Is Us Season 5 finale will air at a special time: 10 p.m. ET, an hour later than usual, on Tuesday, May 25, on NBC.