Crazy Fan Theory Says Ice Cube Is The Same Character In All His Movies

There is an incredible fan theory circulating the Internet called the "Ice Cubiverse." The theorists believe Ice Cube has been playing the exact same character in all of his movies.

How the hell could that be?

Well, the theory actually chronologically lines up Ice Cube's movies to create just one compelling story of a single man.

The story begins at the end of "Boyz n the Hood" and suggests Ice Cube faked a death in order to escape the pain of losing his brother.

This leads Cube to keep a low profile with pal Smokey in "Friday." The plot continues in "Next Friday," until he must leave LA to join the armed forces in "Three Kings." Cube then works as a military consultant with Major Gates, but he eventually decides to go back to the service.

He joins a top-secret special service unit, which brings us to his role in "XXX: Sate of the Union."

The story continues as Ice Cube moves to the desert to start a motorcycle gang in "Torque." Due to a series of events, Cube leaves to escape the violence and guilt and starts working for National Geographic, at which point he battles a snake in "Anaconda."

He eventually leaves South America and learns his father died. He attends his South African funeral in "Dangerous Ground," and there he reconnects with his family.

Cube eventually returns to the States to try to make things right in his life. He decides to get his degree in "Higher Learning" and then moves to Chicago in "Barbershop" to pay off his student loans.

He keeps the ball rolling by opening up a sports memorabilia shop in "Are We There Yet?"

Life feels good for Ice Cube until one day he is pulled over by racist cops in "The Glass Shield." After getting arrested, Cube decides to join the police force.

He gets promoted to lead a special task force in Los Angeles. His roles in "Ride Along," "21 Jump Street" and "22 Jump Street" apparently take place within the same five years.

Ice Cube eventually retires and becomes a bounty hunter in "All About the Benjamins."

He then slowly goes mad in "Ghosts of Mars," where he gets recruited to fight spirits and ends up in Coors Light commercials as a result of his space dementia.

The Daily Dot gives a thorough summary of the theory. All I know is if this theory is true, Ice Cube deserves some major props for taking on one hell of a role.

Ice Cube, your next Coors Light is on me.

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