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5 Theories About Queen Charlotte's Bridgerton Prequel

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by Ani Bundel
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The success of Bridgerton has been one of the most significant bright spots of the early 2020s for Netflix. Not only is the series already greenlit through Season 4, but also, a limited series prequel is also on the way. The new series will focus on Queen Charlotte, who Golda Rosheuval plays in the main series, and will tell her love story with King George. But beyond that, not much is known about the show. Theses theories about Queen Charlotte’s Bridgerton prequel range from historically accurate to dreamy romance.

Queen Charlotte, IRL consort to King George III, is not a character in the Bridgerton novels. Her inclusion has been one of the series’ most ingenious additions. She was the closest thing to a reigning monarch during the time the first three books are set. King George, her husband, had been declared unfit for the throne but was still alive, so their son, the future George IV, was named Prince Regent, with his mother caretaking the monarchy until her husband passed.

But most people do not know Queen Charlotte’s backstory. Americans only know King George as the monarch from which the U.S. declared independence (and perhaps a few of his earworm ditties from Hamilton). This is a chance for Shondaland to put its own stamp on the Bridgerton universe while telling an under-served story at the same time.

Here are some theories about what it’ll be like.


Lady Danbury’s Past Will Be Revealed

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This one is almost less of a theory and more of a given: Lady Danbury’s backstory is coming. This was all but confirmed when Netflix announced the cat to include both the Bridgerton version of Danbury, as well as a younger version of her. Not only that, but after almost three decades of the novels existing, fans finally have learned Lady Danbury’s first name: Agatha.

One question fans have is what sort of love story Lady Danbury will have. Netflix revealed she has an older, controlling husband, which doesn’t sound like the makings of a passionate affair. The current theory is that Lady Danbury will fall in love, but due to her marriage, it will only be an affair of the mind.


The Prequel Will Trace The Cognitive Decline Of King George

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Although fans suspect a Shondaland prequel will fictionalize Queen Charlotte’s story, her real history is fascinating. As a girl from a tiny German city suddenly transferred to London, her acclimation to her new world was a journey. At least one Redditor has noted that if the show sticks to the underlying history and how Charlotte and George’s marriage fared as his bouts of mental illness began to emerge, the series could be a phenomenal, if tragic, love story.


Lady Mary Sheffield Sharma’s Story Will Be Included

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Viewers of Bridgerton Season 2 couldn’t help but notice that Kate and Edwina’s mother has a long history with Lady Danbury and Queen Charlotte. Her royal majesty was not pleased to see the widowed woman return after running off to Bombay, complaining when she eloped with her husband, she did not stop to say goodbye.

It’s possible this detail from Season 2 set up at least one of the storylines within the Queen Charlotte prequel. According to ScreenRant, young Lady Mary could be part of Charlotte’s inner circle in the prequel, and her choice to marry a commoner could be part of the ongoing story.


The Prequel Will Focus On Charlotte’s Roots

Focusing on Charlotte’s German roots would be an exciting choice because Germany, as audiences know it today, basically didn’t exist as a country; it was just a bunch of little fiefdoms.

However, once Charlotte and George marry, perhaps swerving away from reality would be in order, or the poor actor who plays her will spend all of it wearing pregnancy bumps and maternity costumes, since Charlotte and George had 15 (!!!) children.


The Rokesby Series Will Be Included

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Here’s a little secret: There is already a Bridgerton prequel. It’s called The Rokesby Series, and Bridgerton author Julia Quinn wrote them between 2016 and 2019, a year before Bridgerton debuted on Netflix. There are four books in all, featuring Sybilla and Georgiana Bridgerton, Edward’s sisters, and their cousin, Poppy Bridgerton, all of who are friends with Violet.

Fans are already wondering how much of the Bridgerton prequels will make it into the Bridgerton prequels. Though the focus will be on Queen Charlotte and Lady Danbury, Lady Violet is also a significant figure listed in the prequel’s cast of characters. Considering the giant ensemble of the original Bridgerton series, one assumes Billie, Georgie, and Poppy will turn up as well.

Bridgerton Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming on Netflix. The untitled Queen Charlotte prequel has begun production.

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