Theo James' naked scene in 'The White Lotus' Season 2 premiere was originally more NSFW.

Theo James' White Lotus Naked Scene Was Originally Even More NSFW

The actor hinted that moment will become v important later on.


The White Lotus viewers saw a lot more of Theo James than they were probably expecting when tuning in for the Season 2 premiere. Naturally, for a show set at a picturesque Sicilian resort, it was no surprise to see a ton of hotties showing off their bods in swimsuits. But midway through he first episode, James’ character Cameron actually stripped butt naked while changing into a new pair of swim trunks. And it turns out, the initial version of that scene was even more NSFW than what ended up airing. In a recent interview, Theo James revealed that his nudity in The White Lotus Season 2 is actually pretty important to the plot, and the show is only going to get raunchier moving forward.

In Season 2’s premiere, Cameron Babcock lords over the Sicily outpost of the White Lotus as a privileged, overconfident businessman on vacation with his fun-loving wife, Daphne (Meghann Fahy), his former college roommate, Ethan (Will Sharpe), and Ethan’s judgmental wife, Harper (Aubrey Plaza). Cameron immediately gets on Harper’s nerves, especially after flippantly admitting to not caring about reading, voting, or keeping up with current events. And the tension only deepens when Cameron changes into a pair of Ethan’s swim trunks right in front of Harper, nonchalantly exposing himself to her.

James revealed in an Oct. 30 interview with Entertainment Tonight that the full-frontal scene was originally even more explicit, but it was scaled back in the final cut. “The initial version we shot was way too much. So, we did a more subtle version,” James said. “They toned it [down].”


James also confirmed that the shocking scene actually plays an important role in Season 2’s story, and revealed the exact episode when viewers will realize it. “At first… we don't know whether it's deliberate or [if] it's accidental. But it reveals itself,” James said, teasing that in Episode 5, fans will realize “there's a purpose to it.”

With tensions already high in the Cameron, Daphne, Ethan, and Harper group, it sounds like things are going to get truly wild as Season 2 progresses. Will Cameron’s flash of nudity lead to a cheating scandal? Or could it be foreshadowing something more sinister? Find out when new episodes of The White Lotus Season 2 drop Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and HBO Max.