Gavin Casalegno is Jeremiah in Amazon's adaptation of Jenny Han's 'The Summer I Turned Pretty'

Attention The Summer I Turned Pretty Fans: Gavin Casalegno's DMs Are Open

BRB, sliding in.

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YA fans simply can’t help but fawn over a beloved book-character-turned-charismatic-internet-boyfriend — I mean, we all remember Noah Centineo’s rise to fame after the premiere of To All The Boys I Loved Before, an adaptation of author Jenny Han’s classic teen rom-com. Now, Han’s latest screen adaptation — this time for her 2009 novel The Summer I Turned Prettyis about to do it again, introducing a fresh class of heartthrobs starring in the Prime Video series. A standout among them is actor and model Gavin Casalegno, who plays the bubbly, funny, and flirty Jeremiah Fisher. But is Casalegno ready for the influx of fangirly DMs and thirst tweets? At the New York City premiere of The Summer I Turned Pretty, Casalegno gives Elite Daily the scoop.

In case you didn’t spend your childhood reading and re-reading Han’s novel series, The Summer I Turned Pretty is a beachy YA romance that follows main character Belly (played in the screen adaptation by Lola Tung) as she navigates what should be a normal summer at her family friends’ beach house, but one big thing has changed: Belly’s had a major glow up since last summer. (Thanks, puberty!) What ensues is a love triangle between Belly’s longtime crush, Conrad (Christopher Briney), and Conrad’s brother/Belly’s good friend, Jeremiah (Casalegno). While Conrad is all brooding gloom, Jeremiah has major golden retriever energy — not unlike Casalegno IRL.

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Fans of the books are already majorly into Jeremiah as a character, and they’ve only been encouraged in their affection by the very true-to-book casting of Casalegno. As a result, Casalegno’s DMs are already overflowing with fan mail. And take heart: Casalegno’s inbox is not where messages go to perish — the 22-year-old actor says he actually reads them all.

“When I see a number on my DM, [I have to open it],” Casalegno tells Elite Daily. “I have probably read over 1,000 DMs. I read all of them. I really care what people think and it means a lot to have people’s support.”

So yes, fans, your DMs are getting read. And some of them may even get a response. “It means a lot to interact with [fans],” he says. “I'll answer some occasionally. They're taking time out of their day to message me, so why not?”

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With Jeremiah’s onscreen charisma and Casalegno’s piercing blue eyes, it’s inevitable that the actor’s inbox will only get more full once The Summer I Turned Pretty premieres on June 17. It sounds like he’s up to the challenge of sorting through his DMs even then, but a quick warning to thirsty fans: Casalegno is in a very Instagram-official relationship with actor/model Larsen Thompson. So go ahead and send him your love — just know it appears Casalegno’s already found his Belly.