7 Ways Jim And Pam Perfectly Define A Millennial's Idea Of Love

By Mariel English

Whether or not we’re willing to admit it, we’re all in search of the love they show in the movies.

No one makes us sure love is out there for all of us quite like Jim and Pam from "The Office."

Their love story is an epic tale of laughs, pranks, camera glances, stolen kisses, awkward moments and heart-wrenching breakups.

But at the core of it all is a fierce and passionate love for one another.

They have proven to our Tinder-obsessed generation that real love is truly out there.

Can you say "relationship goals?"

Here are seven reasons Jim and Pam will always be Gen-Y's favorite love story:

1. They were best friends first.

Their initial chemistry is undeniable.

From day one, they were sneaking smiles at each other, pranking the hell out of Dwight and finding excuses to be together, even if this just meant chilling on the roof in cheap, foldable chairs.

2. They never gave up on each other.

True love prevails. But sometimes, you have to fall apart in order to come back together.

Jim and Pam's story is a perfect example of that.

Through Pam's engagement to Roy (gag), Jim’s big move to Stamford and all that bullsh*t with Karen, they stuck it out and still ended up together.

They could’ve easily called it quits and trusted that the universe didn’t want them to be together, but they didn’t.

For that, we are grateful.

3. They speak without saying a word.

Jim and Pam don’t need words to convey how they feel.

There are many office moments that warrant comments of all kinds, but Jim and Pam can communicate with just simple glances or gestures.

Of course, there was that time when they couldn’t talk for the whole day due to that Jinx game, as the rules of that are extremely rigid.

Pam tells Jim he can tell her anything. So, with his eyes, he tells her he loves her.

(We all know that's what he was saying.)

4. They know how to have fun together.

Jim and Pam are pro schemers.

Jim often pranks Dwight solo, but Pam proves she can have fun too.

Remember when they convince Dwight Jim is (and always has been) Asian?

Or when they send Dwight letters from “the CIA” to make him believe he’s being recruited for a top-secret mission?

They even come up with a fictional game — Flonkerton — to fight a bad case of the Mondays.

Jim and Pam are a great example of a couple that knows how to have fun.

5. They support each other.

Jim supports Pam during her struggling artist times, and makes sure she knows she’s not a failure.

When Jim leaves Dunder Mifflin for Stamford -- and then almost takes a corporate job later on -- Pam supports him both times, despite her desire for him to stay.

Even when Pam leaves for design school right after their engagement, Jim is cool with it. He understands it’s what she needs to do at the time.

Now that’s love.

6. They can be themselves around each other.

Early on, Jim and Pam both had some pretty weird and unflattering hairstyles, as well as some extremely embarrassing moments.

But none of that stopped them from falling in love.

Even in the beginning, it was never just physical attraction that drew them to each other. It was always more than that.

They laugh, they play, they talk and they cry.

There’s nothing they can’t do in front of one another.

7. It was love at first sight.

It’s probably a good thing that he waited longer than a week to propose, but the fact that he purchased an engagement ring right after he met her is enough to make us melt into big, sloppy puddles.

When you know, you know.

We’re a doubtful generation, but Jim and Pam convince us that soulmates just might actually exist.

Their love was never a fairytale romance, but that’s exactly why it’s so believable.

Their story is simply about two people who can’t exist without being together.

When you find a kind of love like theirs — one that’s real, down to its very core, and one that can make it through anything — it's worth paying attention to.