6 Questions We Have About The Intense 'Handmaid's Tale' Finale


Hulu's breakout dystopian drama The Handmaid's Tale just wrapped up its terrifying first season with a finale that left fans dying to know more about what's really going on in Gilead.

The Season 1 finale was full of shocking revelations, but also left viewers with a lot of questions. Thankfully, the show's already been renewed for a second season, so we'll get those answers soon enough. But we still have a while to wait and mull over all of the mysteries the finale brought to the forefront.

1. Will Serena or Aunt Lydia have a change of heart?


Two of the show's most formidable women had rare moments of empathy in the finale. Serena Joy confronted her husband Commander Waterford in the most direct way yet, calling him out for his inappropriate romantic escapades with June (Offred). Could we finally see Serena going fully against her husband in the future?

As for Aunt Lydia, we've seen before that her only real soft spot is for Ofwarren. She actually sheds a small tear as she commands the handmaids to stone Ofwarren to death in the finale. When the handmaids refuse, Aunt Lydia stops the guards from attacking them, although she does promise punishment. It's still one of the most fragile and nearly redeeming moment we've seen of Aunt Lydia.

2. Will June ever get to see Hannah again?


Though Serena Joy stood up to Fred, she still made it clear to June all she cares about is having a baby. In a particularly nasty attempt to blackmail June into staying put in the Waterford house and handing over the baby she's carrying when it's delivered, Serena made sure June watched as she interacted with her daughter Hannah.

Serena implies to June if she does anything to interfere with Serena getting the baby June is carrying, she will do something bad to Hannah. Being that Hannah has been June's primary motivation to surviving Gilead all this time, we are left to wonder when or if we'll ever see a reunion between June and Hannah.

3. Who is the father of June's baby?


One of the biggest revelations comes at the start of the finale when a pregnancy test reveals June is indeed pregnant. But the question is: Who's the father? Everyone in the shows assumes it must be Nick -- since it's been subtly hinted at that Fred might actually be sterile.

But of course, June has been having sex with Fred often recently thanks to their rendezvous as Jezebels, and the sterile thing isn't actually proven, just a theory thrown out by a doctor at one point. It could still be Fred's baby, which would really suck.

4. What are Moira and Luke going to do?


Things are looking bad in Gilead, but it's another story up in Canada. Moira finally manages to flee the country and is surprised to meet up with June's husband Luke in Ontario. But the question now is: How are they going to help June?

We saw Luke has been attempting to contact June from Canada for months with no luck. Now that Moira's here and she has insider knowledge of how to get around Gilead, maybe they'll hatch a plan to sneak back in and rescue June.

5. Will Emily (Ofglen) ever come back?


One of the big questions of the season comes because of an absence in the finale. Alexis Bledel's character of Emily (Ofglen) seemed like she was going to play a major role in the series when she was introduced, but she's been absent from the entire second half of the season.

We last saw her getting brought in by guards after stealing a car and going on a lethal joyride in Episode 5. Is she just going to sit in prison for the rest of the show? Given Bledel was a big audience draw for the series when it first premiered, I have a feeling that we'll be seeing her again in the future... but when?

6. Where is June headed in the van at the end of the season? Can she trust Nick?


The major question we're left with as Season 1 fades to black is where the van June is escorted into is taking her. Nick tells her to trust him and go with the armed guards that show up at the Waterfords and put her in the mysterious van, but we still don't know if the van is going to take her to salvation or her death.

It seems like Nick wouldn't want to put June in danger, especially since he seems to believe she is carrying his baby. So it's definitely possible that he knows the guards are taking her to a better place. Then again, Aunt Lydia did promise June punishment was coming, and Nick may have just wanted to placate June while he thinks of a plan.

Season 2 can't come soon enough!!