Tasia From The Circle

Tasia From The Circle Is Going To Be Your New 2023 Vibe

She goes by "the CEO of comfy" for a reason.


There may not have been a ton of catfish at the beginning of The Circle Season 5, but they certainly made a splash in later in the game. Tasia didn’t arrive at her Circle apartment until the beginning of Episode 5, but she brought a twist with her that totally shook up the game. Not only that, her strategy to go undercover as her own girlfriend Tamira sparked one of the season’s biggest scandals. If you can’t get enough of Tasia’s comfy couture and witty comebacks, here’s what else you should know about her.

Although Tasia refers to herself as “the CEO of comfy” thanks to her super-cozy wardrobe of patterned shirts and loungewear, she chose to glam it all the way up in The Circle by using fashionable photos of her girlfriend Tamira. She also made Tamira bisexual so that nobody in the game was off limits when it came to flirting up a storm.

Tasia arrived alongside another catfish — Season 1 runner-up Shubham, playing as a young blogger named Sasha — and together, their arrival upended everything. A twist where they two newbies were pitted against each other to amass the most followers split the competition into two groups, and Tasia’s flirt-heavy strategy to win over Marvin wound up becoming the drama of the season. Luckily, Tasia made Tamira a true girl’s girl, and she and Raven were able to squash any beef before it could begin and instead focus their anger on the two-timing Marvin.

With a new alliance forged in the #GirlCode fire, Tasia could catfish her way all the way to the end, and her life outside The Circle shows just how social media savvy she really is.

The Circle Season 5’s Tasia Lesley’s Job

Tasia introduced herself on the show as a cybersecurity professional from Las Vegas, but she didn’t mention that she’s also pretty big on TikTok.

The Circle Season 5’s Tasia Lesley’s TikTok

Tasia has nearly 10,000 followers on TikTok as of her The Circle debut; she posts funny videos mostly about her lifestyle as a self-described cannabis enthusiast.

The Circle Season 5’s Tasia Lesley’s Age

She was 28 while filming The Circle, but has since turned 29 on Aug. 8.

The Circle Season 5’s Tasia Lesley’s Instagram

You can keep up with Tasia’s adventures and comfy ‘fits by following her on Instagram @t_stonier.