Brian Clark's strategy in 'The Circle' Season 5 is to catfish as his daughter Brittney.

This Self-Proclaimed "Circle Zaddy" Is Catfishing As His Own Daughter

We love a dad-fluencer.


It’s no simple task to catfish your way through The Circle. As past seasons have shown, it’s usually a better bet to just play authentically rather than get caught up in your lies. But if you are going to catfish, making your fake profile someone you know intimately is the best bet. Deleesa proved that by winning Season 2 pretending to be her own husband, and now Brian Clark is aiming to become the second catfish winner in Season 5. The new Circle star is uniquely qualified to suss out the liars while crafting the perfect catfish account for himself... using his own daughter’s information.

Brian may be a fun-loving 47-year-old dad to The Circle viewers, but to his competitors, he’s a 27-year-old single mom named Brittney. In his intro, Brian said he came up with the idea to pretend to be his daughter as a way to better ingratiate himself to the other players, knowing the single mom card would earn him some points with them. His job also sets him up to excel at The Circle — Brian revealed he’s a supervisor in a special investigations unit focused on fraud inspection, so he should be able to clock any other catfish swimming around in the chats. Obviously, he didn’t tell anyone else about his job. Here are all the other secrets Brian is keeping from his fellow Circle players.

The Circle Season 5’s Brian Clark’s Job

As he said in his intro, Brian’s career is in fraud investigation, making him a perfect Circle contestant.

The Circle Season 5’s Brian Clark’s Instagram

Brian’s IG grid is filled with vacation photos from all over the world. Fittingly enough, his handle is @worldwidebri, and it certainly seems like he’s been just about everywhere worldwide.

The Circle Season 5’s Brian Clark’s Age

Although the rest of the people in The Circle think he’s a 27-year-old woman, Brian is actually two decades older than he claimed in the game. He entered Season 5 at age 47, but claimed to be hip to all the youth lingo he’d need to pass as Brittney. Viewers will just have to wait to see if that’s true or not.