Billie-Jean Blackett on 'The Circle' Season 5.

Everything To Know About Billie-Jean From The Circle

She’s a model, but she doesn’t want her competition to know that.

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Warning: Light spoilers for The Circle Season 5 follow. The Circle fans have seen players catfish as all kinds of people, and now, Season 5 contestant Billie-Jean Blackett is on that roster. Rather than playing as herself, the U.K. model and presenter is pretending to be a guy named Bruno — and honestly, her reason for hiding her real self makes a lot of sense. Here’s everything to know about Billie-Jean Blackett, one of The Circle Season 5’s catfishes.

Much like her fellow competitor Xanthi, Billie-Jean didn’t want her looks to be used against her in The Circle. But she took it several steps further than just pretending to be a preschool teacher instead of a model. Billie-Jean flipped the script to play the game as a guy named Bruno. On the show, she argued that male models aren’t looked down upon in the same way female models are, which is why she wanted to play the game as a man.

And the facade seemed to pay off at the start of the season. Billie-Jean made sure Bruno didn’t stand out as a major threat at the beginning of the game, but the model also didn’t really seem to form strong alliances with the other players right away either. Season 5 could go either way for Billie-Jean/Bruno — here’s what to know about the British bombshell as you watch all the drama play out.


The Circle Season 5’s Billie Jean Blackett’s Age

As she said in her intro, Billie-Jean was 25 while filming The Circle.

The Circle Season 5’s Billie Jean Blackett’s Job

Along with modeling, Billie-Jean is also a radio presenter and DJ. She hosts a regular two-hour block on Flex FM in the U.K. on Fridays and DJs at numerous parties.

The Circle Season 5’s Billie Jean Blackett’s Instagram

Billie-Jean’s Instagram shows she really is the it-girl of the U.K. Between glamorous modeling shots and photo shoots, she posts a ton of party pics from clubs where she DJs.

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