Nick Viall Talks About This Season Of 'The Bachelor'

There's only one week left until we get to join Nick Viall on his journey to find love.

On January 2, "The Bachelor" is officially back, so say goodbye to your Monday nights.

It'll be an exciting season filled with laughs, tears and lots of drama. Yup, be prepared to watch a bunch of ladies take each other down.


Nick Viall recently opened up to PEOPLE about what fans can expect from Monday's premiere and the rest of his season. He shared,

As the Bachelor, all eyes are on you. It's certainly nerve-racking. The process was as hard as I thought it would be — a lot of highs and lows.

He even admitted to having "strong feelings for multiple women" throughout his experience. Nick explained,

It's truly amazing... I felt a lot of different feelings.

He continued,

Early on with so many women, you obviously don't know a lot of things about them but talking to all of them and wanting to make it meaningful to all of them is very physically taxing... And then as time goes on, it becomes more emotionally taxing and less physically taxing. And you get to know these women, there's a level of respect. You're asking them to do things they've never been able to do and to face stressful situations and their fears.

Nick Viall also discussed how he wanted the women to feel comfortable throughout the show and be on an equal playing field. He said,

There are things I like to keep personal but at the same time, I think one [theme] you'll see throughout is that I wanted all the women to feel incredibly comfortable and empowered to ask me whatever they wanted to ask me and know that I would give them an honest answer and that it would be a two-way street... I wanted to encourage that the entire season.

He added,

I wanted us to be on the same playing field and both be just as empowered as the other person... I wanted to have an authentic relationship and that was something that was very important to me.

The 36-year-old has already had three romantic relationships on "The Bachelor" before -- one with Kaitlyn Bristowe, another with Andi Dorfman and most recently with "Bachelor in Paradise's" Jen Saviano.

So what will happen when we add 30 more gorgeous women to the table?

I guess you'll have to tune in on January 2 to find out!

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