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This TGIT Drinking Game Is All You Need For Tonight's Winter Finale (Photo)

GUYS. The TGIT winter finale is tonight and we couldn't be more excited, but we're also scared out of our minds because, let's be real, these three shows have a lot at stake.

For the last two months, Thursday nights have been spent with your girls Meredith, Olivia and Annalise but unfortunately, this time together must come to an end (at least for the winter, that is).

Crazy sh*t is definitely gonna go down.

Throughout the season, we've seen Meredith experience unexpected heartbreak AGAIN, Olivia has basically taken over the world but is now back on Fitz' presidential leash, and we STILL don't know who shot Annalise.

Needless to say, tonight's going to be a wild f*cking ride.

Here are some questions that definitely need answering by the end of each episode:

  1. What the f*ck did this new guy do to Owen?
  2. Are April and Jackson going to keep on hooking up, or will they actually get divorced?
  3. Is love dead?
  4. Probably.
  5. Is Fitz going to force Olivia into being the First Lady of the United States?
  6. Will Olivia let him?
  7. Will evil Huck and Jake come out in full force to kill Rowan?
  8. These shows are seriously f*cked up.
  9. Is Bonnie the one who killed Emily Sinclair?
  10. How long have Catherine and Phillip known each other?
  11. Did Catherine help Phillip kill the Hapstalls?

I don't know about you, but I'm stressed out just thinking about all of this. And if history has taught us anything, it's that alcohol is the answer to all problems.

Wait, it's not? Oh. Well, this is awkward. We made a whole drinking game and everything...


Starting at 8 pm with the season 12 winter finale of “Grey's Anatomy,” Elite Daily will be playing our second official TGIT drinking game, and you know you want to join us.

We started the season strong with a drinking game for the premiere, and let's just say things got pretty crazy.

Elite Daily's one and only Kelli Boyle will be leading us again by spending the night drinking along to our predictions. GOOD LUCK KELLI, YOU BETTER EAT A BIG DINNER.

Be sure to follow along on Twitter (@EliteDaily) and Snapchat (elitedailysnap) as Kelli plays the game and has a night to remember (or forget). Hopefully things won't get too out of hand, but no promises.

OK ShondaLanders, it's time to pick your person: If tonight's about Meredith, grab some tequila and start cutting those limes.

If you're on the edge of your seat for Olivia, go buy a bottle of red wine and heat up some popcorn. And if Annalise is your girl, vodka will be your Thirsty Thursday drink of choice.

Of course, Kelli will be playing along to all three (we're praying for you, girl) so if you're determined to join her, please be safe and do not drink and drive.

Let's be real, though, once these episodes end you'll probably just want to curl up in a ball and cry. WE WILL MISS OUR TGITS. WE LOVE YOU, SHONDA RHIMES.

Anyway, are you ready? Let's do this.


Let the countdown begin. You can start preparing by putting a bottle of Advil and a glass of water by your bed for that Friday morning hangover. Don't worry, it'll be worth it.