Teacher Actually Wears Blackface For His Kanye West Halloween Costume (Photo)

Heath Morrow wasn't going to let little things like race and the concept of cultural appropriation stop him from going all out on his Kanye West costume for Halloween.

The (*sighs*) Alabama elementary school teacher joined the terrible ranks of Julianne Hough, Ted Danson, Claudia Schiffer and any drama club student at an all-white high school whose teacher thought performing “The Wiz” would be a good idea when he decided a gold chain, red hat, shutter shades and a literal "Kanye for Prez 2020" sign weren't enough to indicate he was, in fact, Kanye West for Halloween.

No, in order for Morrow's costume to REALLY pop, he decided he needed to shmear on some black face paint.

Another Halloween, another awful white person thinking he or she can pull off blackface.

According to Raw Story, his wife, who is beside him in the picture dressed as Kim Kardashian, shared the picture on Reddit and even commented,

Haha some people thought Heath was really a black man.

Cool. Glad people liked it.

Morrow since apologized for his actions.

Apology from Decatur teacher who took picture dressed in blackface as Kanye West for private Halloween party. @whnt pic.twitter.com/2H7LkIRMBQ — David Kumbroch WHNT (@davidknews) October 26, 2015

Come on, man.

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