Taylor Swift Looks Completely Different In Her New Vogue Cover Shoot

Most of us, because of our weak bone structures and our aggressive body hair and our strange, lumpy butts, will never be on the cover of Vogue.

In fact, a minuscule percentage of the population will ever have the opportunity to grace the front page of the fashion Bible, and Taylor Swift, being among that percentage, took on a whole new persona for her cover shoot.

Among the icy-blonde, shag haircut, 70s-style Vetements boots and the barely-there Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane dress, it's a little difficult to recognize the pop star at first glance.

Inside Vogue's pages, the remainder of the shoot was just as aesthetically kick-ass.

Tay Tay's new look didn't sit well with some fans.

Luckily, most appreciated the switch.

One day, when I have the capital to start Average People Just Trying To Have It All magazine, I will put ALL of you (starting with myself, obviously) on the cover, and I will style ALL of you (me first, OK, then you guys) at this level of total, ruthless slaying. That's a promise.

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