Here Are Nine Photos Where Taylor Swift Looked Exactly Like An Emoji


Who doesn't love emojis and who doesn't love Taylor Swift? I was trying to think of ways to celebrate World Emoji Day, and I was pretty much hitting a brick wall.

But, an insightful co-worker made me remember that not only does the world love emojis, the world also loves Taylor Swift!

So, in honor of World Emoji Day, I wrangled together as many photos of Taylor Swift as possible where she basically makes the exact same face as an emoji. (I used Apple's emojis for the comparisons.)

Yep, with nine photos of Taylor Swift to match nine different emojis, there's a Taylor Swift facial expression for everyone!

Taylor Swift as the sunglasses emoji


Yup, I nailed this one. Apple totally could've modeled the emoji off of Taylor's look in this one.

T Swift as the smirking face emoji

Here's one I didn't make, but it's pretty spot on.

Taylor Swift as the grinning emoji


Yep, I'm also gonna say I crushed this one. The longer you look at the photos side by side, the more you realize how Taylor's face is basically the same as the grinning emoji.

Swizzy as the woman with black hair emoji


Yup, I even managed to find a few perfect matches for dark-haired Taylor, too.

Taylor as the (very) angry emoji


This one isn't perfect, but I can't help it if Taylor Swift doesn't take angry photos! This was the only angry-looking photo of her out there, seriously.

Taylor as the smiley face emoji


Thankfully, this one was a little easier since everyone knows how often Taylor smiles!

Taylor as the grimacing emoji


This one was difficult too, like, the angry face emoji. Taylor Swift just does not grimace, but I think this photo is pretty close to the grimacing emoji, minus the microphone of course. On a side note, I always thought this emoji meant awkward. Go figure.

Taylor as the frowning woman emoji


I gotta say, I think this one is pretty good -- not as good as sunglasses emoji Taylor, but pretty good.

Taylor as the neutral face aka the straight-faced emoji


Yup, this one was last because I figured it was probably the expression on your face too if you made it to the bottom of the list.

Now you have Taylor Swift faces for a whole lot of different situations.

Hopefully, Taylor Swift's crew will see my feeble effort and make some official Taylor Swift emojis a la Kimoji app by Kim Kardashian or Chymoji app by Blac Chyna.

Happy World Emoji Day!